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Teenage Minecraft Creator TommyInnit Shares His Experience in Logan Paul’s Impaulsive Podcast – “That was like CNN”

Published 07/24/2022, 11:45 AM EDT

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“The world’s greatest, most thought-provoking, mentally stimulating podcast in the history of mankind…” the YouTube description of Impaulsive reads. And, TommyInnit revealed to have felt the exact pressure when he appeared on an episode of the popular podcast!

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As fans know, TommyInnit is an extremely popular Minecraft icon. His fans adore him because of his charming and humorous personality. Tommy also revealed his ability to remain extremely balanced, switching from silly to serious as and when needed, in a recent interview. In addition, he talked about how he felt when interviewing with Logan Paul for an Impaulsive Podcast episode!


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The Impaulsive Podcast has invited many prominent celebrities from different industries since its inception in 2018. As of now, their YouTube channel boasts of 4.03 million subscribers! Logan Paul, a popular internet personality and a professional wrestler, alongside his friends, George Janko and Mike Majlak hosts the podcast, uploading an episode every week.

TommyInnit appeared in an Impaulsive Podcast back in September last year, and in a recent interview with Colin and Sameer, he was confronted with a question that led him to share his feelings about the experience!

TommyInnit on his Impaulsive podcast experience

When Sameer asked him about the Impaulsive experience, Tommy revealed that it wasn’t at all comfortable. However, he also expressed his liking for Logan Paul. “I genuinely… really like Logan. I think he’s really cool. Every time I spoke to him, he’s probably weirdly one of like the funniest people i know. I wish he’d do more comedy because we riffed so well,” Tommy said.

However, the Minecraft star also went on to explain how the interview seemed very difficult to him. “I went in they just came off like a f***ing plane… Logan Paul constantly has a cameraman with him, which you have to get used to,” he revealed.

Tommy spoke about how Logan Paul doesn’t start his conversations with the common friendly and casual words. “He just starts starts rolling and doesn’t really say hi. I’m like, hi hello how are you guys, and they’re like good man let’s just save it for the interview,” he revealed.


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He even compared the Impaulsive interview with that of CNN. “That was like CNN, that was like let’s let’s catch him on the spot, let’s get him to say he has a girlfriend…” he exclaimed.


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“This is the hardest situation I’ve ever been in… This is really weird,” Tommy said, as he summed up his experience with Logan Paul’s popular podcast!

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You can watch the time-stamped video of TommyInnit’s interview with Sameer and Colin below!


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