10 Things That You Should Know About Starfield

Published 08/29/2023, 5:20 PM EDT

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Starfield is just a week away from its launch, and for those who have purchased the Premium Edition, this game is just hours away. Fans are gearing up to get their hands on what might be one of the most elaborate open-world RPGs of this year.

This means the game would be equally complicated, just as most Bethesda titles usually are. To make sure those who are new to Bethesda’s RPGs get the best experience, here are 10 things one must know about Starfield.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Starfield


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Scanning out the top 10 interesting facts about Starfield is quite a tough challenge. But, after an extensive research, here we are –

1. Starfield is a massive game, even by Bethesda Standards

Starfield is a game that has close to a thousand planets to explore. How huge would that be? Everyone getting into Starfield should be prepared to give this game their undivided attention for numerous hours, approximately 140 hours or more.


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2. Starfield allows players to jack ships

Players can buy and even customize their own ships in Starfield. They can even attack some unsuspecting civilians and jack their ships. Become a full-fledged pirate; either sell it or add it to your fleet.

3. Spaceship customization is not a small thing in Starfield

While gamers everywhere are aware of most aspects that involve a spaceship in Starfield, some are not aware of how elaborate the customization would be. Players can customize pretty much every aspect of their ship.

From performance to cargo hold to weight balance to weapons, everything is customizable. And let’s not forget the minute details, such as the color themes of pretty much every cabin in them. Every cabin can be customized separately for your favorite followers. This is just too out there!

4. If you see a planet, you can land on it

Bethesda’s Todd Howard made a claim back when he revealed Skyrim; he showed his audience some mountains in the distance. Then he said, “Do you see those mountains? You can go there”. They have not forgotten that, and they have now taken that to a new level.

Mountains have evolved into planets, and pretty much every planet Starfield players see in space can be landed on and explored. Gaming has really come too far!

5. The base building is much more elaborate this time around

Starfield takes the crafting and base-building introduced in Fallout 4 to the next level. Players can land on planets, and if they are suitable enough, they can build a base on that planet.

If players want, they can even have a base on every planet they find. Players can even hire numerous NPCs to manage their bases while they are away exploring the cosmos.

6. There’s no shortage of Factions in Starfield

Games like Skyrim, Fallout, and Starfield are very elaborate about their worlds. The factions are a big part of the world that players explore. Players can join any of them, complete their side quests, and earn unique rewards and useful friends.

Factions are back in Starfield, and according to Bethesda, they have much more detailed quest lines than ever before. It is yet another opportunity for fans to spend hours and hours in this game, just doing quests and even possibly pitching those factions against each other!

7. Traits give your character much-needed depth

To make sure hardcore role-playing fans get what they have always wished for, Bethesda has decided to give players a better hold on what their character is and can be. Players can choose from a number of traits, and the effects of those traits will be seen throughout the game.

If a player chooses to have parents, they would take a monthly share of their earnings. If a player chooses a certain religion, then some factions with said religion would react favorably to them. Some of the traits have the potential to introduce new arcs to this game’s quests and side quests too. So, choose your traits very carefully.

8. Skill trees have changed drastically

Remember how just beating a hammer on a table the whole day in Skyrim used to make your character much better at smithing? Or how has stabbing people in the back repeatedly made you better at stealth? That is not happening in Starfield. Players have to unlock the first skill in every skill tree, be it physical strength, science, or whatever, and then they have to complete some challenges to unlock further skills.

Gone are the days of spamming with the right trigger to level up.

9. Starfield allows players to bring out their dark side

Gamers would be glad to know that while playing Starfield, they would be able to live their virtual lives the way they want. There’s no one stopping them from being a full-on bad guy. They can be a space pirate or a bounty hunter.



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This is the kind of role-playing that was missing from their previous games.

10. Starfield is the least buggy Bethesda game ever

Bethesda seems to have put a lot of work into Starfield. They have been developing it for the better part of eight years. It had been being developed since the last generation started, and it was released this generation. Pretty big deal indeed.


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But besides making it the largest game they have ever worked on, they have actually worked on its bugs too. They have made sure this game stays bug-free. So much so that it is being called the most polished Bethesda game ever made. This is indeed exciting to know.

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