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“That I Thought Would Be Impossible” – Twitch Streamer Made History by Beating the Legendary Hideo Kojima Game on a Dancepad

Published 01/23/2023, 7:30 AM EST

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The gaming community never ceases to amaze the internet. There is no bound when it comes to applying creativity to give an already existing game a new flair of excitement. Great examples of this itch of playing games with absurd challenges can be found in a variety on the live streaming platform, Twitch

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The trend of making difficult games much more difficult for entertaining content and bragging rights is nothing new. Streamers, content creators, and master players have jumped into this trend many times to give their channels a boost. Using a dance pad to finish difficult games is one of the most prominent formulas of this trend. 

Many players have done great feats on the Dance pad. Beating FromSoftware’s DarkSouls games is a very popular idea in this trend, and many have achieved this insane feat. However, the community was shocked when an upcoming streamer did what was deemed almost impossible. 


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Metal Gear Solid 2 on a Dance Pad  

Legendary game maker Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series has a golden legacy in the history of gaming. Though the modern installments aren’t very impressive, the classic titles which were made by Kojima himself are deemed priceless. The technological innovations and unique direction proved these games to be way ahead of their time.

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Metal Gear games are known to use every aspect of the consoles and controllers to present the players with a unique experience, which is why it was believed that playing an MGS game without a controller is very hard. However, a streamer named KittyRawr, broke that belief as she beat the entire MGS 2 in 9 hours using a Dance Pad. 


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On Twitter, she posted a clip of her stream, attempting the challenge live on Twitch. The tweet read, “yoo I completed Metal Gear Solid 2 on a Dance Pad!!! something that I thought would be impossible…3 next?” teasing a possible MGS 3 gameplay on the pad coming soon. In the clip, she shared how to beat the last boss of the game.



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Twitch Streamers making absurd challenges 


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Kitty has many other challenge videos on her channel but she is not the only boss of absurd gaming. Before her, a streamer named Missmikkaa had beat one of the most difficult bosses of Elden Ring, Melania, using only a dance pad. But that’s not it, Missmikkaa also had taken the bar to a brand new level when she simultaneously beat Melania two times, one using a controller and the other with a previously mentioned dance pad. 

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