“That Looks Awesome”- Elden Ring Fans Want FromSoftware to Finally Unveil This Weapon in the Upcoming DLC

Published 11/07/2023, 11:15 PM EST

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FromSoftware games are often larger than any open-world game out there. They take some people much longer to get through due to their sheer depth and the number of options they provide their players to play these games. They can be a wizard, a pyromancer, a healer, or a straightforward warrior; anything is possible. Elden Ring then proved to be a whole different beast for them. It’s an actual open-world game, full of way more secrets to uncover.

It had so many of those secrets that some fans and data miners are uncovering those secrets to this day. Often, a bunch of cut content is also revealed, the latest being the Abundance and Decay Twinblade. This blade is so good-looking that fans are wishing for it to be in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

Would FromSoftware add this seemingly overpowerful weapon back to Elden Ring through its DLC?


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Developers often have to cut a lot of content from their games for several reasons. Sometimes they cut whole missions and maps to cut the length of their game. Other times they simply cut weapons due to either balancing or because they do not find a place for the weapon in the game. One such weapon is Eldem Ring’s Abundance and Decay Twinblade.

This blade was uncovered a while ago, and fans instantly fell in love with it. They couldn’t help but wonder if the developer will decide to introduce it in their upcoming DLC. In fact, many are also wondering if this DLC would feature a brand-new alternative boss fight with the noxiously difficult Malenia. Given the fact that two sides of these blades represent siblings Melania and Miquella,


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Of course, Melania has already been defeated in the original game. But FromSoftware is known to find ways to bend time in their DLCs. There are even chances fans would find themselves facing the brother-and-sister duo. But then, who would wield the weapon? Of course, Melania and Miquella are not in a condition to use a weapon; he would probably use his spells against players.

No matter how this transpires, fans are holding onto the hope to get their hands on these twin swords.

X is overflowing with fans singing the praises of this blade and wishing for its appearance in the DLC!

This blade did not take much time to make its way to X. And when fans saw the potential in it, they often stated their desires to see it in the upcoming DLC, or some just sang its praise.

X user Freya Amari seems to be blown away by the twin-blade. The user couldn’t help but write, “That looks awesome.”

Nitekindred revealed their love for Gratswords and Twinbladed in Elden Ring.

User Cosmonaut Cartilag mentioned how ever FromSoftware game should have its own version of Northern Regalia, a sword from Demon Souls.

The tweet urged another fan to come forth and express their wish for acquiring it. In the light, they also admitted how disappointed they would be “if they don’t restore those cut quest lines.”

An e-sport enthusiast named the FunkyAinoer even shared their experience of how they had “3D sculpted” a similar tool.


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It is interesting how despite having somewhat different opinions, all these fans are very hyped for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. And how much they desire for this blade to appear in it, all one can say now is, let’s hope FromSoftware is listening.


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