After featuring in the latest music video, “Car Crash”, Valkyrae just made her first voice acting debut which delighted her fans. Moreover, she along with Sykkuno and Disguised Toast, voice acted in the anime Tribe Nine’s English version. Earlier today, she announced the same on Twitter. Moreover, Valkyre also revealed that she and Sykkuno played the role of twins. Her tweet’s already viral, stealing some crazy attention. Speaking of Jacksepticeye, Myth, Dream, 100 Thieves, eaJ, aria, and many have expressed their joy.

Moreover, Valkyrae also thanked Corpse Husband. Days back, Corpse announced his role in anime, playing the chief antagonist “Ojiro”. In fact, he does seem like a perfect fit for that role. Moreover, the aforementioned streamers are just the iceberg’s tip. Speaking of, tons of other streamers, YouTubers, and popular content creators have joined the anime as voice artists and will be a part of “Hannya Squad”.


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On April 12, Valkyrae joyfully announced the same. Her tweet also features an image that seems to be taken in the recording studio itself.

Moreover, it also showcases two monitors: one featuring a screenplay and the other one showcasing twins. And it’s one of these twins that Valkyrae is voicing over. Undoubtedly, the streamer’s likely to ace her role. Moreover, you can have a glimpse at her role, it’s episode 11 “Chiyoda Tribe Showdown”. And undoubtedly, it’s going to be interesting.

On 7th Feb 22, Corpse Husband surprised the community post, revealing his role in the anime. In fact, he also expressed how honored he is to be a part of this project. Moreover, his tweet also features a short clip giving a glimpse into his character, “Ojiro”.

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Valkyrae and many streamers are part of “Hannya Squad” and fans react to her role in the anime

It seems like the anime’s creator, Kazutaka Kodaka likes “Amigops” as he has already welcomed many of its members in “Hannya Squad”.

In fact, Kestin Howard, Technoblade, and Charles White have also joined the squad. So, let’s have a look at them all:

  • Yong Yea
  • Charles White
  • Valkyrae​
  • Christopher Guerrero
  • Tom Schalk
  • Connor Colquhoun
  • Technoblade
  • Disguised Toast
  • Sykkuno
  • Kestin Howard

These popular faces are indeed creating significant hype for the English version of Tribe Nine. In fact, it’s a pleasure to watch the popular streamers venturing into other industries. Let’s have a look at what fans had to say about Valkyrae’s role in the anime:


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