The Best Nintendo Switch Accessories You Should Get Your Hands on Before 2021 Ends

Published 11/23/2021, 8:25 AM EST

Nintendo Switch has some amazing accessories that could help users enhance their overall gaming experience. The Black Friday sale is going on and Christmas is on its way next month. And this makes these last two months the perfect time to grab some essential accessories at some unbelievable discounts.


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There is a wide range of gadgets available to purchase which are offered by Nintendo and a lot of other third-party companies. These gadgets can contribute to various aspects of the device.


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In fact, some accessories like tempered glasses, covers, and cases can also turn out to be lifesavers for the Nintendo Switch. So, out of all the gadgets and accessories available on the market, let’s have a look at some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories that are a must-buy in the year 2021.

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Must buy Nintendo Switch gadgets & accessories for 2021

Hori Split Pad Pro

There are attachable controllers for the Nintendo Switch, just like the default joy-cons controllers. But these are way more convenient and easy on hands than the small joy-cons. These controllers will take the gaming experience to a whole another level as players will feel like they are playing on Xbox or Playstation console. So, what makes these controllers different from joy-cons controllers is their slightly bigger size.

Because of their bigger size, these controllers automatically offer a better feel, grip, and stability.

This means even long hours of using these controllers won’t cause strain on the hands. This item for sure gives players a feel of using a real controller. These controllers come in a variety of colors and also costs cheaper than joy-con controllers. This item is perfect for games that involve quick reflexes like Metroid dread.

Unfortunately, Hori Split Pad Pro doesn’t support wireless features. This is only where joy-cons have an advantage over Hori Split Pad Pro. Learn more about pricing and other details here

Fixture S1

This gadget is another Nintendo Switch Pro Controller that users can use with the Nintendo Switch anywhere and at any time. The Fixture S1 will take the handled gaming to a whole next level. The Fixture S1 acts as a connector between the Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro Controller.

In fact, all the buttons on the Nintendo Switch are fully accessible while it’s attached in the Fixture S1. The built design of Fixture S1 is so convenient that both Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro Controller just fit perfectly in it. Unfortunately, it does not support Nintendo Switch OLED yet.

The Fixture S1 is available in various colors, and it also comes in a bundle that features an entire carry case. In fact, the carry case fits a Pro Controller and Nintendo Switch just perfectly enough. Know more about pricing and other details here.

Covers & Cases

Everyone needs cases to carry their devices no matter whether it’s a mobile phone or gaming console. Cases are not just meant for carrying purposes as they must protect the device as well.

So, here’s the Dash Express Case, which helps you carry the Nintendo Switch around without worrying about slips and scratches.

This case is made up of premium materials and the insides are so soft that there’s no need to worry about falls and scratches. Because this case has got the Nintendo Switch fully covered. Learn more about pricing and other details here.

There’s one more case called Tomtoc Switch Case, which sizes almost equal to the Nintendo Switch. This means this case shares dimensions similar to that of a Nintendo Switch. This device doesn’t make compromises in terms of protections. And in fact, it features a hard body that is also water-resistant.

It also comes in various colors, and there’s more about pricing and other details here.

Power Banks

Power banks are absolutely necessary to have a flawless gaming experience, hence it’s a life-saving device for the Nintendo Switch. It’s not likely to get a charging port everywhere, and that’s when power banks can turn out to be a lifesaver.

So, here’s the Anker Power Core that has a super quick charging feature. In fact, users can charge two devices simultaneously, and users can charge their Nintendo Switch while playing their favorite game.

Anker Power Core also features ten hours of extra battery life. In fact, Anker Power Core is powerful enough to charge MacBook and other devices as well. Learn more about pricing and other details here.


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There’s one more power bank named Gulikit Battery Master, and it has a special feature. Users can use their Nintendo Switch while Gulikit Battery Master attached on the back, charging the device. And the weight of this power bank is not a problem either since it’s a pretty lightweight product.

Learn more about pricing and other details here.

Comment down and tell us about your favorite accessory for Switch.


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