In a shocking turn of events, Trainwreckstv‘s clash with Twitch has resulted in the migration of one of their top streamers, xQc, to a rival platform called Kick. The Canadian streamer, Félix Lengyel, has signed a monumental contract worth approximately $70 million, with the potential to reach a staggering $100 million.

This article delves into the aftermath of Trainwreckstv’s feud with Twitch, exploring the rise of Kick and the significant impact it has had on the streaming landscape.

Trainwreckstv’s Clashing Relationship with Twitch and the Birth of a Competitor


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The tension between Trainwreckstv and Twitch reached a boiling point yesterday, ultimately leading to a groundbreaking turn of events in the streaming world. As a prominent internet personality, he found himself at odds with Twitch when the platform decided to put an end to gambling-related content. Rather than accepting defeat, he devised a strategic plan to resurrect gambling content, but on a completely new platform.

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The ban on unlicensed gambling websites and streams, implemented by Twitch in September 2022, sparked a heated debate within the community. While some creators supported Twitch’s move to combat gambling addiction, others, including him, expressed dissent and criticized the decision. It was in the wake of this controversy that he embarked on his ambitious journey to create a new streaming platform dedicated to gambling content.

His determination to forge his own path and challenge the established norms of streaming led to the birth of a competitor: Kick. This new platform, backed by online gaming and gambling sites like Easygo Gaming and Stake.com, presented a fresh opportunity for him and other streamers to explore alternative avenues for their content.

Trainwreckstv’s role in Kick’s growth cannot be underestimated. As an established streamer, his endorsement and involvement in the platform have garnered attention and contributed to its rapid rise. Kick positions itself as a creator-friendly platform, offering appealing revenue splits, favorable policies, and innovative features such as a flat rate for hourly streams. The promise of better revenue opportunities and a more supportive environment has enticed streamers to consider Kick as a viable alternative to Twitch.

The Economic Impact of xQc’s Mega Deal and Kick’s Streamer-Friendly Approach

Félix Lengyel’s record-breaking contract with Kick has sent shockwaves through the online entertainment industry. His two-year deal, potentially amounting to $100 million, rivals the contracts of renowned athletes and megastars. This unprecedented agreement underscores the rising financial power of streamers within the streaming realm.


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Kick, backed by online gaming and gambling sites like Easygo Gaming and Stake.com, distinguishes itself through its streamer-friendly policies. Unlike Twitch, which takes a hefty 50% cut from streamers’ subscription earnings, Kick only takes a modest 5%. By prioritizing streamers’ interests and operating at a loss as a start-up, Kick has positioned itself as a platform that fosters a community centered around creators rather than a corporate structure.

The clash between Trainwreckstv and Twitch set in motion a series of events that led to xQc’s monumental move to Kick. With its streamer-friendly policies, Kick has successfully attracted notable streamers seeking better revenue opportunities and a community-centric platform. The $100 million deal not only signifies the increasing influence of streamers but also challenges the established dynamics of the online entertainment industry.


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As more streamers explore alternative platforms, the power dynamic between streaming giants and content creators continues to shift. Kick’s emergence and xQc’s migration serve as a reminder of the evolving landscape within the streaming industry.

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