The Craziest Fortnite Secrets and Leaks You Should Definitely Take a Look At

Published 11/01/2021, 2:28 PM EDT

Fortnite has been the home ground for Epic Games’ collaboration with other industry leaders from various fields. And this opens up the door to new possibilities, which means more stuff for insiders to reveal before their official announcements.


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Epic Games tries its best to keep all the upcoming features a secret. But datamining efforts have always disclosed most of the important information fans look for ahead of time. Now, well-known Fortnite YouTuber, Top5Gaming, has some fascinating revelations to highlight in a recent video.


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Fornite: chapter 2 season 8

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 has been pretty wild, featuring some of the weirdest attributes in the game. From colored cubes (purple and queen) moving around and multiplying to potential Gotham explorations, season 8 has it all. The community has seen it all. What they might have missed are some of these leaks and secrets Epic does not want you to know.

Here’s a brief summary of some features you might not have noticed.

The Grotto’s Secret

The POI has been flooded since season 3 with not much changing over the past couple of seasons. But recently, there have been some interesting changes. The Grotto has been draining water over the past weeks and Top5Gaming suggests players could see a new version of it by the end of the season.

Brutus and his bodyguards received new patches in the latest update and the latest loading screen for the battle pass showcases a new look of Grotto.


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Secret Invisible Chest

The Sheriff’s Office on the map is hiding a secret chest that spawns some extra loot for people curious enough to look for the chest. The box can be destroyed with little effort and is not too hard to find. Make sure you stop by for some surprise items.

Return of the Black Hole

The black hole first made its way to the island in 2019 and the fans loved it! Now, according to Top5Gaming, the anomaly will be returning to open doors, in this case, holes, to take players to the next chapter in the Fortnite folklore. Surprisingly, the title is “a few weeks away” as per the YouTuber.

The Brick Gnome

One of the oldest secrets of the game has now possibly been updated by Epic Games. The secret gnome in your brick wall might look like an “Oompa-Loompa” straight from the chocolate factory, but this one is made of bricks.

Unlimited Sideways Chest

One of the most overpowered features is the sideways chest. In order to get your hands on this limited piece, let a caretaker drag you into the sideways and, once you’re there, loot all the chests there and escape back to reality. Here’s the catch, once you leave, the caretaker will try to take you back to his world, and you go along with it.

To your surprise, you’ll find a secret chest waiting for you in the other dimension. The best part is you can do as many times as you wish to.

No Builds Fortnite LTM

Epic Games is now officially working on a No Builds LTM, which will see the title transition towards a signature battle royale. The No Builds LTM will be added as a mode and will give a spot for players who prefer gunplay over other build geeks.

Winterfest 2021

Probably the best seasonal event of the game was the first Winterfest in 2019. 2019 really were better times, weren’t they? Thankfully, the fest will return this year with even more free skins and much more.

Fortnite: Hidden Ariana Grande Dialogue

The Ariana Grande NPC has a little secret of her own. If you meet her using any other skin, she says you haven’t met, but if you use the singer’s skin, she uses her hidden dialogue and compliments your outfit.


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Fortnite Item Shadow Midas

The most-awaited item over the past year finally made its way to Fortnite’s shop last week and really hurts your wallet. The item costs around 1500 of the in-game currency and turns out there is a reason why.

Every weapon and vehicle used after equipping the Shadow Midas skin will turn into a shadow skin. Does it justify the 1500 price point? Only one way to find out.

Bud Easter Egg

The mushroom is officially back in Fortnite and he has brought his buddies from Chapter 1. The yellow mushrooms from the first chapter that were abused by many players to hide are returning to the game but are mostly just a part of the decor.

Cheer Up Mystery

The emote has been in the game for a while and it’s common knowledge the bushes you use while dancing depends on where you stand. But season 8 has something more to offer. A new red bush can now be seen when the emote is used in the lobby and red-colored POIs.

Return of Mechs

Thanks to the votes, mechs will now return to the battle royale towards the end of the season and they are not to be messed around with. They will be revealed in 3-4 weeks as a part of the season finale.

Fortunately, they’re not strong as they were before.

Fortnite Witch Broom Trick

While the broom is already one of the strongest out there, the broom can be upgraded even further. One broom can be shared by the entire team by simply dropping the item from your inventory and dropping it immediately. Repeating the process quickly will allow your whole squad to get your hands on the Witch Broom.

Fortnite: Sharks Removed

Fan-favorite sharks have officially left the waters of Fortnite for good. They were removed from the game without any announcements and there aren’t any reports that tell you why Epic chose to do so.

Grisabelle Trick


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Here’s a little secret to beat Grisabelle. It’s water. Yes, water! It is one of the most annoying things in the game, jump scaring you in every corner of the island. And as it turns out, it’s easier to beat her than previously imagined. Just head to your nearest source of water and step inside the water body. The monster will automatically disappear, saving you time and effort.

Fortnite: Secret Weapons

One of the biggest leaks, new weapons will soon be added to Fortnite. An icy grappler available from Fabio will let you slide around with ice will be added next week according to Top5Gaming.


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A semi-auto combat pistol will also be coming soon along with the already-hinted Naruto’s Kunai. The anime legend will come to the game in November.

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