PlayStation has always been the top machine in the market when it comes to gaming consoles. With a long list of exclusive titles, Sony’s iconic console has remained a fan favorite. With the newer consoles taking over the market, the older models have become cult classics that are highly sought after by collectors. The PlayStation remains one such battle-hardened veteran that can go for thousands online.

A recent video has surfaced on Twitter about the historic day in 2000 when the beast of a console was launched and veteran gamers can’t contain their nostalgia.

How PlayStation 2 brought a new level of gaming experience to gamers


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Sony’s PlayStation 5 is the highest-selling video game console in the industry right now. Despite Microsoft acquiring Activision-Blizzard, Sony still has possession of the ball. Even though the console giant is set to lose multiple titles as a result of the takeover, PlayStation’s dominant position is unwavering. Now, while the PS5 is obviously among the best consoles in the market right now, PlayStation’s legacy goes far beyond that.

To make its mark at the turn of the millennium, Sony launched the PlayStation 2, which proved to be an immense success in the market. Fans loved the console, and many believed that the PS2 would change gaming altogether. An account on Twitter has recently shared an old video from 2000 of the night of the console’s release, and fans are understandably nostalgic.

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Fans share their fond memories

The release of the PlayStation 2 marked an important moment for gamers. Many older players still haven’t gotten over with just how good the console was. For its time, the PS2 stood a class apart. Titles like GTA: Vice City and God of War were smash hits and players couldn’t stop playing.

After the video got the community’s attention, more fans flocked to express their love for the console. Felix, for example, misses the good old days. The console represents a time when things were a lot simpler for the user.

This fan remembers the date as the best night of his life.

Chad, like Felix, also remembers the simpler times.

Another old-timer thinks kids today missed out on some truly unique memories.


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One user shared their game collection, which was built over three decades, and it’s quite something!


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Have you played on the PlayStation 2? Or were you too young back then? Share your memories with the PS console with us below.

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