Microsoft must be feeling on top of the world right now. With its acquisition of Activision seeming to be back on track, the community has a lot of questions about Game Pass. Thanks to the court’s ruling, Microsoft will soon own all rights to some of the biggest titles in the gaming industry. However, not everyone is happy to know that all these popular titles will be hitting the Xbox Game Pass soon.

Patrons of PlayStation can be found on the internet having a go at Xbox users. Accessing these titles is now likely to become more affordable thanks to the Game Pass, and this has irked a lot of players who have already paid to play the games. Meanwhile, with FTC’s injunction request being denied, Microsoft looks forward to meeting an anxious gaming community’s expectations.

Court verdict tilts the scale in favor of Microsoft


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Sony had their plates full since Microsoft announced its plans to take over Activision-Blizzard. The PlayStation maker’s concerns were taken up by the Federal Trade Commission when they took Microsoft to court. Sony made its concerns clear to the authorities regarding the acquisition. They claimed the takeover will make accessing Activision titles impossible for PS users. Furthermore, Sony said that the takeover will leave Microsoft in an unfairly advantageous position in the market.

Microsoft maintained that the concerns were baseless. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer highlighted that Sony dominates the industry at the moment and shouldn’t sound so worried.

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However, regardless of what Microsoft says, Judge Corley’s verdict will definitely have a significant effect on the industry. Now that the acquisition has received the green light, Microsoft users will benefit significantly.

Fans discuss what the future will look like

Thanks to the ruling, Activision-Blizzard’s biggest titles including Call of Duty, Diablo, and Crash Bandicoot will all be available as a bundle with the Xbox Game Pass. The verdict instigated a lot of potshots at Microsoft and Xbox from Sony loyalists. They mocked Xbox users by saying that they can finally be excited to play multi-platform games. Many were evidently trying to get a reaction out of Xbox users.

However, Xbox fans have held their ground by reminding the community that the Xbox Game Pass will soon be flooded with the back catalog. One Twitter account said that Xbox players are hyped about not having to pay $100 and $70 individually for CoD and Diablo IV.

On the other hand, PlayStation users believe that the titles won’t be coming to the Game Pass immediately, as Sony’s deal with Call of Duty remains active till 2023.

Another fan also thinks Game Pass won’t have CoD right now for other reasons.

One fan dealt a harsh blow to PlayStation patrons.

The gaming community seems to be on edge after Microsoft came out of the lawsuit unscathed.

Xbox fans are definitely excited to play CoD campaigns through the Game Pass.


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Here’s one more fan convinced of Xbox’s capabilities.


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Will you be getting your Game Pass as well? Tell us which titles have you excited.

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