The Haunting of Warzone Proves Why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Shouldn’t Have This Frustrating Feature

Published 10/19/2023, 2:28 PM EDT

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 players are set to witness Zombies in the awaited game and why not? The next major FPS premium from Activision will be the first modern-day installment to cross paths with the undead. Moreover, some of the hardcore players who were having skeptical thoughts over how the open world experience may turn out to be are now relieved. It’s been the case ever since The Haunting event in Warzone came out a few days ago.

Since the official reveal of Zombies, players haven’t really got an opportunity to try out the mode. There’s been just an extended gameplay footage released by the makers. The recently concluded Beta didn’t feature it either alongside the Multiplayer content. But going by what several players have made out from various moments of the footage, it seems like they are happy to see one feature being absent from Modern Warfare Zombies.

Here’s why not having PvP will make Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies good


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For the uninitiated, Modern Warfare II and Warzone recently received the last major update with The Haunting. It’s a mid-season offering from the makers to celebrate Halloween a few weeks early. Players have got tons of scary and spooky elements in both Multiplayer as well as the Battle Royale. Given the fact that Zombies will appear in MW3, they are present in MWII as well thanks to the latest update.


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A popular Call of Duty expert, who runs TheGamingRevolution channel, recently presented his thoughts on Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. While sharing early details for next year’s rumored Black Ops game, he also touched upon the aspects of 2023’s game. Especially, when it comes to how its overall experience is looking ahead of release.

The YouTuber mentioned that the Haunting update in Warzone is a clear example of why Modern Warfare 3 Zombies shouldn’t have a PvP system. He was annoyed by the fact many players in the current event are taking on other players while they engage in boss fights against monsters and deadly creatures.

This is something MWZ won’t have, due to the PvE format. This means players will only fight the Zombie bosses instead of going against each other. It’s the biggest reason why MW3 has the potential to be great content in itself, according to TheGamingRevolution.

What to expect from Modern Warfare 3 apart from Zombies?


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Modern Warfare 3 will also have an improved Multiplayer setup. Compared to its predecessor, it will feature more fluid, faster, and reliable performance as far as the movement mechanics are concerned. Options like slide canceling and reload canceling are coming back. What’s also coming back is the pack of 16 remastered maps from 2009’s original MW2. Nostalgia fans will be able to revisit legendary locations like Favela, Rust, Estate, Derail, Quarry, and Highrise among others.

Oh, and there’s also the traditional Campaign mode too. It will bring back iconic faces like Captain Price, being together with his team including Ghost, Alex, Gaz, and Farah. However, they all will face a big threat this time in Vladimir Makarov. He’s returning after more than a decade. 2011’s original MW3 was the game where he was last seen.


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Coming back to Zombies mode, it will be available once Modern Warfare 3 is out on November 10.

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