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The Last of Us Episode 7 Review: The Things We Leave Behind

Published 02/27/2023, 6:43 AM EST

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No matter how gloomy this world seems from the outside, there’s always some beauty in it, and no matter how beautiful things are, they always end. And they leave behind people, worrisome, and cautious of ever being happy again.

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This is what the latest episode of the Last of Us tells us. The previous episode ended with us witnessing Joel falling off his horse and Ellie panicking. If anyone thought things could not get any worse, this episode just proved them wrong.

A reason to hold on to the fading remnants of the past!


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The Last of Us Left Behind was a DLC for the original game. It told us the story of when Ellie found out about her immunity and the story of that special someone whom she lost.

While she calms down Joel, shivering with pain and cold, pushes her away, and asks her to leave “You go north, you go to Tommy,” he said.


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As she leaves, she remembers her past life as a military recruit, a rookie in training. She gets in fights with her fellow cadets and she gets hurt. Their leader keeps telling her she is better than others, but her mind is never there. Bella Ramsey has enough acting prowess to portray that.

Then her friend Riley comes back. She takes her to a place, a place of dreams, dreams she never knew she wanted to see. A mall that is full of rides, arcade machines, and a haunted house. As she does her best to hide her affection for Riley, she finds out that Riley is now a Firefly tasked with taking care of their arsenal and such. And we as the audience find out why she is so dedicated to her cause. We now know why she wants to find that cure, no matter the cost.

The things we saw, you would have to see to believe

A sense of wonder is what we feel when we see something spectacular happening in front of our eyes, but when someone asks us to portray that by just acting, that’s a whole different thing. That’s what Bella Ramsey does here. It is unbelievable that the Game of Throne’s fierce Lyanna Mormont has come so far.


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On the other hand, in her very short role, Storm Reid is equally brilliant. We believe in her sense of purpose, and we believe that she is indeed a warrior. And we believe everything that she tells Ellie when they meet that horrifying fate.

It is just remarkable how the showrunners have done such a brilliant job when it comes to choosing actors for these characters. Every single one of them is just perfect. Where to next?


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If anyone thinks that maybe, now we get a moment where we can get a breather, then they are mistaken. Things only get tenser from here on.

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