“‘The Last of Us’ Season Finale and Being a Presenter at Oscars?”- Fans Excited for Pedro Pascal’s Success but Confused to Choose One Show to Watch

Published 03/12/2023, 8:30 AM EDT

Based on Naughty Dog Studio’s magnum opus gaming series, The Last of Us, the television show by HBO Max features some of the best talents, the industry had to offer, this includes Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, and many more. However, it is one of the lead actor’s stardom that has presented the fans with a very dividing scenario. 

The Last of Us fans have never felt so confused. They are divided as Pedro Pascal will be presenting an award at the Oscars, the night when the season finale of the show is set to be broadcasted. On social media, fans of the show as well as the actor shared their concern about the unfortunate timing of the events, which has presented a complex dilemma in front of them. 

The Last of Us Lead Actor will be presenting at the Academy Awards


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In Hollywood, one of the most prestigious award ceremonies, The Academy Awards aka The Oscars, has chosen Pedro Pascal as one of the presenters. He will be joining Halle Berry, Paul Dano, Cara Delevingne, Harrison Ford, Kate Hudson, Elizabeth Olsen, and many other presenters at the event. 


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However, the night when the Oscars will be held is also the broadcast night of the final episode of the Last of Us season 1. This episode will mark the end of Joel’s and Ellie’s journey. While the show had many deviations from the original story, there have been reports from the showrunners as well as the actors that the ending of the first part is mostly left ‘unchanged’.

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Also, the fact that HBO has already confirmed a season 2 for the show which will follow the story of Part II of the Last of Us game, means that the ending of the first season has the potential to be identical compared to the game, to set up the second season and the story as well as the background of the characters. 

Fans share their dilemma and support as Pedro Pascal is set to appear at two places at once

Having their favorite actor be present at the Oscars as well as in the last episode of TLOU season 1, fans are divided about what should they watch first. On social media, fans asked, “TLOU Season finale AND being a presenter at the Oscars?” before mentioning the details of the Academy Awards.

However, this question raised the question as to what should they watch first to support their favorite actor. Other than being divided, the fans also shared their concerns about Pedro’s health for having such a tight schedule. 

Pedro to Present at the Oscars this Sunday from Pedro_Pascal


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Which Pedro Pascal appearance would you be watching first tonight? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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