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The Last of Us Season 2 New Details: Cast, Shooting Spot, Changes in the Plot, and More to Know About the Upcoming Season

Published 06/01/2023, 8:30 AM EDT

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2023 began with a bang as HBO Studios adapted the beloved game franchise The Last of Us into a television series. Featuring the creator of the IP, Neil Druckmann, and some of the original cast, alongside some of the best talents that Hollywood offered, The Last of Us show became a commercial and critical hit!

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Seeing the success of the adaptation HBO soon green-lit multiple seasons, to adapt the story further. With brand-new reports and insider leaks, many additional details have surfaced regarding the new season. From shooting spots to casting details and the writing process, these new details have helped us get a proper idea of the upcoming season. Below we have compiled everything we know so far. 

The Last of Season 2 details we know so far


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First, the production team has mentioned that there will be a couple of new cast members joining the show. However, they have not disclosed the identities of these actors or the characters they will be portraying. As the second season will delve into the second game’s story, it is apparent that new cast members will be added for the new lead character Abby and her crew. 

Furthermore, Craig Mazin, the show’s creator, and Neil Druckmann, the creative director of the game series and co-writer of the show, have expressed confidence in their understanding of the story they will tackle in Season 2. They have also cleared that the writing process is progressing smoothly so far. 


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While the showrunners have planned multiple seasons but according to HBO, “There’s no guarantee at this point that we’ll have a Season 3” In terms of production logistics, there will be a change in shooting locations for Season 2. The production is shifting from Calgary, where the first season was filmed, to Vancouver. The shooting may star later this year.


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One notable aspect mentioned is that the show will take a big swing in terms of entertainment value, particularly concerning the Clickers. Clickers are dangerous and distinct types of infected creatures in the game. This suggests that Season 2 might feature intense and thrilling encounters with these formidable adversaries.


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While specifics remain undisclosed, the addition of new cast members, the creators’ confidence in the story, the change in shooting location, the promise of an entertaining portrayal of clickers, and the exploration of complex character dynamics all contribute to the ever-stacking hype for the upcoming season. 

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