The Last of Us Series Episode 3 Review: Don’t Tread on Me

Published 01/30/2023, 5:01 AM EST

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There’s always beauty in this world, no matter how foul it smells and how ugly it seems from far away. The third episode of The Last of Us series, “Long Long Time,” shows just that. A crop of something remarkable sprouting in a land once thought barren.

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While Episode 2 ended on a shocking note, we were also given a hint at what to expect, but this new episode blows every expectation out of the water!

The latest episode of The Last of Us series has added just the right things to the original!


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The second episode gave the audience and Ellie a reason to feel a bit sad. Moreover, this episode starts with us seeing how Joel feels about what happened previously. He is detached and has a reason to be; he lost someone very close to someone he hardly cares for.

Ellie understands that, but she makes it clear that she is not the only variable in the equation that led to Tess’ demise. She is quick to remind Joel of that battery he and Tess needed.


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And then they move on, as was teased in the previous episode; these characters are heading to Bill and Frank’s estate. And at this point, everything changes.

This episode changed everything fans knew about The Last of Us. It gives us a long-awaited context to something we witnessed years ago. We are shown the ever-so-suspicious Bill we know and love and are also introduced to a very open-minded Frank.

Then we are shown something very unexpected and wonderful indeed. We are shown two people building and growing strawberries and almost crying when they taste the fruit of their efforts.

We are shown how love brings a sense of responsibility in people. It shows how it gives them purpose and how people are even scared of dying due to that responsibility!

The latest episode in this series changes almost everything we knew about Bill and Frank’s story to make it precisely what most of us wanted it to be. And what do you know, this one also ends with a “Letter. But this time, we know what it said.

Performances once again blew us away!

The first time it was announced Nick Offerman would be playing Bill, it excited everyone; and he proved it with his performance. Offerman gives us a performance that offers Bill as never before seen depth. He is not just an expert survivalist, he is now a person who is afraid of falling in love at first and then leaving their love unprotected and then fearful of being alone.

Murray Bartlett’s Frank is just as perfect! He represents his ability as that character to change someone for the better. He is the ideal foil for an untrusting Bill and remains so.

Joel and Ellie remain as brilliant as ever, even though they are not the main focus of this story. Ellie starts her pattern of not following orders, and Joel finally starts warming up to his new partner.


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Things that hurt

Once again, the Last of Us series gives us reasons to shed a tear or two. But this time, long-time fans would be happier than they ever were. Bill and Frank finally got the story they deserved, and Joel and Ellie’s relationship starts showing hints of growth.

Watch this one as a love story that defies all odds. There are no conflicts here, but who needs disputes in a relationship when there’s a healthy supply of raiders and infected to deal with every other night?


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Next, we would see our protagonists heading to Tommy in hopes he would guide them in the right direction.



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