The wait has been long, but it has been worth it. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been the talk of the town for the past few months. Now that it is finally out, fans everywhere are enjoying their time exploring the land of Hyrule. This game is pushing them towards numerous hard challenges, and it will not be as easy as Breath of the Wild was in its initial stages.

For players struggling with such challenges and players who want to get through this game’s initial hours with ease, here are the ten things to do first.

10. Get something warm to wear


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The opening sky island in this game is covered with snow, and Link would find himself shivering while exploring it. But there are some ways to keep warm. One of them is to cook those peppers and eat them.

The other is to find a pair of warm pants. Just reach the Gutanbac Shrine and get the ascend ability. Once players have done so, they will be able to see a large hollow tree just outside the shrine. Ascend to it and find the Archaic Warm Greaves there. Wear them and explore the area without the fear of dying of cold.

9.  Gather as many Zonai devices as you can

These devices are the player’s way to explore this new Hyrule with ease. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom would give players a number of ways to stockpile them too. One of them is to simply use those massive, round, gumball dispenser-looking machines.

Those are simply known as Zonai device dispensers. Collect construct parts and use them to get as many Zonai devices for themself from there. They must make sure you have plenty to spare before they reach the mainland.

8. Explore Hyrule Castle

Yes, it’s an open-world sandbox that gives players the freedom to do what they want, when they want. But it is recommended that they do so after they have explored this large area.

Doing so is a good way to get access to some really powerful weapons early on. From spears to bows, one must gather what they can.

7. Get that Paraglider

Once the player has explored the Hyrule castle, the game might point them to Purah. They would teach players how the new towers work in this game. They are supposed to be shot out of the towers now. To land, they would need a paraglider. They are given one just before this starts.

Paraglider is a really important tool to use in other situations too; hence, just go on with the story for a while to be able to get all the tools required to have real fun!

6. Get a Horse

This game has a lot of ways to travel, and players will eventually be able to build themselves those machines to get around. Machines with wheels, machines that can fly; before all that is possible, they have to use a horse.

Players should just get themselves a horse and they will not regret it. The best part about this game is that if players have the save data from Breath of the Wild on their Switch, they can access their horses from that game in Tears of the Kingdom. A happy reunion!

5. Offer fruits to cherry blossom trees

Remember how it was very hard to find points of interest in Breath of the Wild? Well, Nintendo might have fixed that problem to some extent. If players see a cherry blossom tree, they should just offer it a fruit. In doing so, players would notice that every point of interest around them in that area would imitate a light.

This would make it easier for players to explore the game. This light is a limited-time thing, so just mark interesting locations before it fades away.

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4. Explore the depths

After getting the paraglider, players would be offered an interesting quest. Robbie would ask for Link’s help in investing giant chasms that appeared around Hyrule. Just jump into one of the cracks that have appeared in the land, and players will find themselves in the depths.

These are hard but very rewarding; specifically, this quest would lead to Robbie activating the Purah Pad’s camera function.

3. Help the monster control crew

In Hyrule, players would see Captain Hoz trying his best to contain this new threat that Ganon has brought with him. He and his army would lead Link to a battle with a number of monsters, and it would be worth it for the loot alone.

The money players get would just be an added bonus.

2. Keep the sign from falling

Around Hyrule, players would see a man trying to hold onto a sign. They would have to solve a puzzle to keep that sign-up. Every puzzle would be different, and every one of them would be challenging.

Upon helping him, players would earn a bunch of rewards, from weapons, and food, to free sleep tickets for stables.


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1. Impa and the Glyphs

Upon exploring this wide world, players would come across Impa of the Shiekha tribe studying a large glyph on the land. Just help her understand those glyphs. These are pretty straightforward quests that players can do just by following simple guidelines.


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Upon completion, they would unlock some memories similar to those in the prequel.

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