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“The Only Way For Andrew Tate To Get Out” – HasanAbi Advices The Controversial Kick Boxer To Accept To Be “An Insecure Baby”, Reacts To His Latest BBC Interview

Published 06/06/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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Andrew Tate is by far the most controversial figure of this decade. He has garnered a lot of fans, but there are many critics of him too. One of his critics is the prominent streamer Hasan Piker, famously known as HasanAbi. The Twitch streamer has constantly taken shots at the ex-kickboxer in the past.

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This year was also not a good one for Tate. In December 2022, he was sent to jail and currently is serving house arrest. Since then his social media accounts have been banned by platforms. To get his voice out, Tate recently sat down with BBC for an interview. HasanAbi reacted to that along with an unabridged version of this interview, sharing his honest opinion about the situation.

HasanAbi is brutally honest about his views on Andrew Tate


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Fans know Piker has been critical of Tate’s opinions in the past as well. Now with the arrival of a new interview with Tate, the streamer did not hold back and stated every argument factually. The reporter was questioning Tate back-to-back on the allegations used against him. To all the questions asked, Tate had a boilerplate response of “I didn’t say it.” But HasanAbi called him out on this stating evidence is present all over the internet even if he denies it.

The streamer also had a quippy remark on how Tate can actually free himself. He said sarcastically, “I think the only way for Andrew Tate to get out of this is to say he is an insecure baby”. Piker also mentioned how Tate has put himself into trouble because of his beliefs. Tate’s only hope to save himself is if he comes out and admits to lying.


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Tate’s team also posted the uncut version of the BBC interview on YouTube. Seeing the unfiltered interview, HasanAbi commented he feels sorry for the people supporting Tate’s views without reasoning them. He voiced, “Brother you cannot be like a f***ing 40-year-old man and say ‘the Matrix Attack’ in a serious setting”.

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HasanAbi also expressed putting up the uncut version was a bad idea. He was still critical of Tate’s views and slammed his audience for following him blindly. Fans of the streamer can always count on HasanAbi to give brutally honest reviews on every situation. They can expect him to be honest in the future too.

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