The Top 5 Best Fortnite Seasons of All Time

Published 05/20/2021, 1:59 PM EDT

Fortnite launched Chapter 2 Season 6 in mid-March, making it the game’s 16th season. For the past few years, the popular Battle Royale has churned out some amazing content during these seasons. Many of them had a particular theme that allowed players to see some amazing collaborations.


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Along with that, fans even saw the evolution of the gameplay with changes to the system. This included the introduction of new weapons, looting systems, building mechanics, and many more. These are the top five best seasons of Fortnite that changed the game forever.


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Marvel, Kevin and Tilted Towers capture the imagination of fans in Fortnite

Fortnite goes big with collaboration in Chapter 2 Season 4

Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite changed the way the world viewed the popular Battle Royale game. With this season, Fortnite introduced a formula on how to create the perfect collaboration, by showcasing the perfect storm the developers brewed with Marvel.

The title added in some of the greatest superheroes in existence with characters like Iron Man, She-Hulk, Wolverine, and many more. Other than that, players even faced against the big villain in Galactus, who was considered an Avengers-level threat.

Worlds collide in Season 5

At the time, Season 5 of Fortnite added the game’s biggest change to its map by bringing in a new biome. The title introduced a new desert biome with locations like Paradise Palms, which gave the map a fresh look. There was even a real-world interaction in this season after fans found the Durr Burger in the Californian desert.

Along with that, fans also fell in love with Kevin the Cube, as it moved through the Island while creating runes in its path. Fortnite also introduced cool new weapons and items such as the Grappler, Shockwave Grenades, and many more.

Introduction of Battle Pass in Season 2

Season 2 of Fortnite introduced the all-important Battle Pass system which changed multiplayer gaming forever. With this feature, players earned cosmetic rewards for completing missions and completing tiers, and it literally changed the landscape of gaming micro-transactions. Nowadays, almost every popular video game has a reward tier system inspired by the Battle Pass.

Along with that, Season 2 also saw new weapons like the Boogie bomb, the Grenade launcher, Minigun, and many more. Other than that, this season also added the ever-popular Tilted Towers, and now it’s one of the most important locations on the map.

Rocket Launches and Science Fiction take center stage

Boom goes the Rocket! in Fortnite Season 4

Season 4 of Fortnite had one of the best endings in the game’s history. Countless players logged in on the last day of the season to witness the Rocket launch, which almost hit Tilted Towers before it entered interdimensional rifts. After that, it even broke the sky causing the universe to collide, which also resulted in the rifts sucking out the title’s famous landmarks such as the Tomato Head.

Along with that, it also introduced the Hop rocks, which was a cool addition to the gameplay. Other than that, Season 4 also included the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mode, which is still considered one of the game’s best LTMs ever.

Sci-fi world on Season 9


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Season 9 turned the Fortnite world upside down with a futuristic take on the map. This season refreshed old locations with a sci-fi touch to create places like Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, and Pressure Plant.

The end of Season 9 also included the massive showdown between The Mecha and The Monster. The last day included a Pacific Rim-style battle between two gigantic characters, with The Mecha taking the victory after killing The Monster with the statue in Neo Tilted.

Fortnite will introduce more seasons and chapters to the game in the future to keep the game fresh. But the developers at Epic Games have a tall order at hand, if they want to create something that can top these five because these seasons have affected the game, more than any other.


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