MrBeast is an enormous presence on YouTube, with millions of people following him. But when one is as popular as MrBeast, it’s evident that fans take an interest in the professional and personal life. And, MrBeast fans have always been interested in knowing about his personal life, which includes whom he’s dating.

Jimmy Donaldson, famously known as MrBeast, is famous for his expensive and over-the-top challenges. Fans love to see his extravagant content, which he pioneers on YouTube. Aside from content creation, he also owns various businesses. But those are not much of a secret cause Donaldson is quite vocal about his professional life.


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However, when it comes to Jimmy’s personal life, he doesn’t reveal much about what’s going on. Moreover, there have been only a few videos on his channel where he got involved with his ex-girlfriend, Maddy Spidel. Besides these, most of his content features him, his friends, and other famous personalities.

MrBeast’s girlfriend finally revealed!

MrBeast broke up with Spindel earlier this year. After the breakup, there were a lot of questions among fans about Jimmy’s relationship status, as everyone wanted to know who the 24-year-old YouTube star in dating. Soon enough, many rumors started speculating about him dating someone again.

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After breaking up with Spindel, the rumors suggested that Jimmy was dating rising Twitch streamer Thea Booysen. It’s been only three months since Booysen joined Twitch, where she live streams video games like Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and Stray. However, her channel is growing reasonably fast, and she currently has over 22,000 followers.


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Fans spotted MrBeast with Thea on multiple occasions, including the 2022 Kid’s Choice Awards. However, there was still doubt about their relationship as the duo never officially revealed anything.

However, a recent Instagram story from Thea Booysen clears all doubts. She shared a pic of Greenville Grande, a theatre complex in New Carolina, and stated, “Date Night.” Further, in the following story, we can see MrBeast getting popcorn for Booysen.

It seems MrBeast and Booysen have finally decided to be open about their relationship. The Twitch streamer even congratulated her YouTube star boyfriend on reaching 100 million subscribers on YouTube.


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With the relationship revealed, we can also hope to see Booysen in MrBeast’s video someday. What are your thoughts on MrBeast dating Thea Booysen? Share your thoughts in the comments.