These Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Live Endings Could Actually Hold True

Published 10/26/2021, 12:19 PM EDT

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 has been around for a while now, and it definitely has been an interesting season. As the season progressed since its launch in early September, the storyline and other events started to make little to no sense.


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Fortnite is one game, where things change constantly, and it is not necessary for everything to make sense. But islanders have taken it upon themselves to debug the truth behind all the happenings. And some of these fan theories could actually be true.


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Fortnite: possible concepts behind Season 8’s live events

It’s not easy to support your theories and ideas with substantial logic and proof. But nothing is impossible in the mysterious world of Fortnite. Immensely popular Fortnite YouTuber, Communic Gaming, has recently talked about all “crazy and mind-blowing” theories out there that actually fit in with the ongoing on the island.


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Fortnite: the visitor’s arrival to Gotham

In a recent trailer released by Epic Games, the devs showcased the Visitor’s visit to Gotham City. The character who, as per previous teasers, was under the waters of Fortnite has now made his way to the mayhem city, which initially upset some fans due to the inconsistencies.

Now, Reddit user u/duskyxlops has come up with a theory that relates the Visitor’s return to Gotham.

According to CommunicGaming and the Reddit post, in the title’s Chapter 1 Season X, scientists were required to retrieve tapes from 7 dimensions to complete the objective. And one of the dimensions took them to Batman’s home. Given the trailer showcases a similar setting, it is fair to assume that players could soon expect to see what the Visitor was really up to.

The Cube’s Purpose

One of the most confusing features of Fortnite is, arguably, the blue cube. From purple cubes to queen cubes to the blue cube. Fans have seen it all, but no one really knows what the story is behind this enormous blue block. But leakers seem to have an idea what the new cube has in store.

A new theory suggests Belvin (name of the blue cube) could actually be very different from fellow cubes. The cube is apparently no ordinary cube and is the “cube of life,” as said by Communic. It could also move around the island but to be the counter cube to the corruption caused by the other cubes.

The theory might just be accurate as Belvin seems to bring life to the island. Interestingly, players can also venture inside the blue cube. And as per the theory, something crazy might soon be placed inside it and opened up later.

The Mystery of the Redacted Bunker

The doors have been one of the most mysterious POI on the island. Now, a brand new fan theory suggests the doors will open soon and something will happen. Industry insider, HYPEX, previously claimed Dr. Slone is on her way to the bunker; revealing a winter version of her.


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After collecting the debris of the alien ship, Slone will allegedly head to the bunker and will try to build a weapon to fight the cube queen and her allies, Communic says. The YouTuber says Slone will look to build a “Mech,” and given reports have already confirmed their return.

All the ideas and concepts seem legit as of now. And if even one of them turned out to be accurate, Fortnite would successfully manage to keep players talking about new content.


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What do you think of theories? Do you have any of your own? Let us know in the comment section.

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