These Nintendo Developers Might Have some Exciting Games in Store for the Fans

Published 08/17/2021, 1:27 PM EDT

Nintendo Switch has one of the widest libraries in the history of Nintendo consoles. The variety in their content provides Nintendo the success that they are currently enjoying. However, this does not stop us from asking for more great games.


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The company outsources several second-party developers who make these amazing games. Yet, there is no clarity upon Nintendo’s upcoming releases so far.

Let’s try to have a sneak peek at what these devs might be up to!


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These guys have been responsible for every installment in the Mario Party series since Mario Party 9. Not just Mario games, they have made Animal Crossing games too! We know right now that Mario Party Superstars will come out in a few months onto Switch. This would be the second Mario Party game on the Switch console and probably the final one, considering the console’s life cycle.

The highest bets we can place at this moment is to expect a non-Mario Party game from NDcube before the end of this year. We can also expect something similar to Wii Party onto Switch: the Switch Party.

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Camelot Software Planning

Camelot is Nintendo’s go-to devs for sport-related games. While they have regularly released new installments onto Mario Tennis and Golf, we do not see any new developments for Switch, and the best we can expect is in a new console.

Monolith Soft

These devs have done their best to make Xenoblade Chronicles successful in the Switch. Since 2017, there have been 3 installments in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, including an Ultimate edition. This may not be a massive seller for Nintendo, but has its own dedicated fanbase.

One can note that there is a two-year margin between every new installment in the Xenoblade franchise, so the best we can expect for now is an announcement for the Switch in late 2022 or early 2023.

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Retro Studios

Considering the vast scope, size, and budget of this game, it’s already well known that Retro Studios is in the middle of making Metroid Prime 4. So this is the only game that we can expect for now.

Intelligent Systems

These devs have a special and quite old bond with Nintendo, as their relationship goes back to the original Super Mario Bros. This company might have the largest track record when it comes to second-party developers. They are responsible for making Fire Emblem, Warioware, and Paper Mario, all the three represented on Switch. We believe Intelligent Studios have the resources to work on multiple projects. As per rumors, they might be working on a remake of the original Fire Emblem game, so that’s one thing that we can have our hopes on!

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Game Freak

Game Freak is currently working on Pokemon Legends, and the best we can expect right now that the game becomes more visually appealing! We can expect the game to launch by 2022, drawing from the three-year margin trend the company usually follows to release a new generation.

HAL Laboratory

HAL has been relatively quiet, but we can expect some development in the Kirby series, which might be of some news in 2022.


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Good-Feel is known for making cutesy games like Yoshi’s Wooly World, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, and Yoshi’s Crafted World. A lot of work goes into developing these games, and the last we had from Good-Feel was Yoshi’s Crafted World in 2019. Good-Feel currently has inlined an unnamed samurai action game set to release on switch later in 2021.


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While these might be speculations, for now, it does increase our hopes for the exciting plans Nintendo might have for Switch!

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