These 10 Expensive Fortnite Skins Sent Fans on a Spending Spree

Published 11/19/2023, 9:36 AM EST

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With the OG season of Fortnite, Epic Games has brought a lot of gaming veterans back to the world. The ‘homecoming carnival’ for Fortnite has helped the game achieve its peak after six years of its release. While the world has enjoyed the revival of the shooter’s glory days, fans are no strangers to Epic Games’ constant efforts to appeal to the community. The introduction of various skins is one such game-changer that has worked wonders for the game. But do you know the most expensive Fortnite skin to ever exist? 

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There’s no denying the fact that the tactical shooter has been an ‘ideal showcase’ of big-banner collaborations. From top-tier celebrity features to fan-favorite Easter eggs, the developers have kept the Fortnite shops updated to the fan demands and pop culture references. Among all the range of skins that have been introduced by the developers in the shop, there remain some elite class skins that have had a big dent in players’ wallets. So, since the nostalgia fever is high thanks to OG Fortnite, let’s revisit the most expensive skins.

Countdown to the biggest investments of Fortnite skins 


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10) Yellow Jacket 

The Yellow Jacket pack was a limited time Starter Pack from 2020. It was also the last starter pack to cost $4,99. All starter packs after that were a dollar cheaper.

Starter Packs are usually only available in the season they were released. You can technically still buy the Yellow Jacket Starter Pack, but there isn’t an infinite amount of those codes available anymore, so the older it gets, the more expensive it will become.


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9) Vox Hunter 

Vox Hunter’s reactive skin was released on August 24, 2021, with Vox Hunter’s Quest pack for Season 7, Chapter 2. The skin changed color after the kills. For a lot of fans, the Vox Hunter skin has to be among the coolest skins enjoyed in the game. Some players had brought the Vox Hunter code for $300!

The Vox skin resonated exceptionally well with the fans of Fox Clan. 

8) Lars 

The Lars pack was released on September 6, 2021, and gained strong community attention through various fan theories about the skin. The cost went up to as high as $400. 

Depending on how loose you are with Fortnite spending, if you need something to rationalize buying Lars, there are a couple of things to consider.

One is that he looks pretty cool. Another is that if you like him in the story bits, then his voice tracks when playing him as a hero are pretty cool too. Also, buying his starter pack wasn’t such a bad investment. The cost was like buying a 1,200 v-bucks outfit that comes with an axe + buying 1,000 vb. So like, even if he were to appear in the BR shop, you didn’t really overpay. You just bought him for additional V-bucks that you may not have needed.

7) Wildcat 

Besides being rare since it’s part of a bundle since Epic gifted it to a bunch of pros who helped to its popularity, Wildcat made its desirability even higher. Also, unlike the Double Helix skin, Wildcat isn’t just a recolor but a unique design. Thus, the bid for Wildcat skin in Fortnite went up to $500.

6) Eon Bundle

Launched on September 27, 2018, this Xbox special Eon Bundle from the legendary category went for $725 at its peak release. This bundle includes three new skins, as well as some handy V-Bucks: Eon Outfit, Resonator Pickaxe, and Aurora Glider. 

5) Derby Dynamo

The codes for Derby Dynamo went up to as big as $1000. A skin with three styles, a backbling also with three styles, a built-in emote, and 1500 V-Bucks, totally worked for a lot of Fortnite fans. 

The pack was released on August 20, 2020, in the game. 

4) Machinist Mina

This pack going for around $1500 surprised a lot of gaming fans. The Machinist Mina pack was released on January 25, 2021, for Chapter 2, Season 5. The skin became a favorite for beginners in the game. 

3) Psycho Bandit 

The Psycho Bandit pack also costs around $1500. August 27, 2019 marked the debut of the pack. 

2) Dark Vertex 

Initially, Dark Vertex was the most expensive skin of all time in the Epic Games’ tactical shooter. Players bought the Dark Vertex skin for almost $1863. The skin was released on June 7, 2019, in the game. The item remains one of the rarest purchases made in the tactical shooter.

1) The most expensive skin of Fortnite 


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The most expensive skin in Fortnite so far has been Double Helix. The best offer it has got is for $12,000! It is among the rarest and most costly Fortnite skins ever, in addition to being one of the most expensive. Although the skin was initially only a few hundred dollars, in the last few years, its price has increased even further.


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So how many of these rare skins have you owned? Let us know in the chat box below. 

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