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“They Just Made It American”- Ludwig and Friends Bamboozled, Responds to Disney’s Lion King Alleged to Be Adapted From Another Show

Published 05/19/2023, 2:30 PM EDT

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Movie creators often take influence from foreign materials to create. This process of adapting movies has been done since the start of the movies. But anyone would be shocked if they found out their favorite childhood classic movie is also alleged to be adapted. This time, receiving this shock was none other than the famous streamer Ludwig.

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The YouTube streamer was sitting on the podcast with his friends and was talking about various topics related to Disney when he got a shocking revelation. This fact did leave him bamboozled, along with many fans watching the podcast.

Ludwig and his Friends get a shocking revelation about a Disney classic


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During the episode of The Yard, a friend of Ludwig shared a classic Disney movie is adapted. He shared the fact that Disney took heavy inspiration from the Japanese movie, Kimba, to produce The Lion King.

The movie Kimba had come out before The Lion King was released. When seeing a frame-by-frame comparison, Ludwig was surprised at how similar the two movies were. “Wait, that’s it?” he exclaimed about the Japanese movie, “Wait, that’s bar for bar.”


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Sharing further on the topic, the ironic fact about The Lion King promoting itself as a completely original movie also came out. However, the podcast crew also found out the differences between the two movies on the spot, making the allegations look weak.

The Yard members find out the differences between the two movies


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While the two movies were allegedly sharing similarities, their art styles were completely different. The Japanese movie stood in no competition for its American counterpart. Even one member of the podcast exclaimed the lion cub in Kimba looked more like a mouse than a lion. This comment got the laughter of all members who noticed the art style of Disney’s version to be better.

Although the streamers still exclaimed at how much of a twist it was that these two movies were similar, Ludwig had already arrived at a conclusion. “Not much of a twist,” he said. “I guess they just made it American.” But they all agreed the American version was cooler than the alleged adaptation.


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