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Former Sledgehammer Creative Director Reveals Scrapped Plans for Advanced Warfare 2 and a Third-Person Call of Duty-Meets-Uncharted Game!

Published 04/08/2023, 7:45 AM EDT

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One studio under Activision was once working on a third-person Call of Duty game set during the Vietnam War.

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While Infinity Ward and Treyarch are generally considered the most crucial developers, Sledgehammer is also not far behind when it comes to bringing innovation to the overall gameplay. Especially in terms of introducing fresh mechanics to the now-iconic first-person Call of Duty experience. During a recent interview, a former director of Sledgehammer Games revealed some astonishing details regarding the COD franchise. And how the series could have witnessed two surprising releases had they been confirmed by Activision.

How Call of Duty missed out on having Advanced Warfare 2 and an Uncharted-like third-person game set in Vietnam!


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Bret Robbins is the former creative director of Sledgehammer Studio. In one of his recent interactions with YouTube channel MinnMax’s host Ben Hanson, he unveiled massive details about the series, dating back to almost a decade ago. While talking to Hanson, he told him about how the plan for a sequel to 2014’s Advanced Warfare was canceled.

Robbins revealed that they had made a slight progress already with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 2, back in 2015. They had some early prototypes alongside a demo level as well. However, due to the decisions of the makers, World War II was given a priority over this project. “So we shifted gears and started working on that.” But had they received the confirmation for AW2, it would have been “awesome” according to him.


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A third-person COD game fans never got to witness


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Moreover, Bret Robbins also mentioned that they had plans to even make a Call of Duty with a third-person perspective. In fact, his team was working on coming up with something inspired by the Uncharted series. Adding to that, he told that the project was going to have a scary factor like Dead Space, having its story set during the Vietnam War. “When we first founded Sledgehammer, it was sort of like a third-person, almost like an Uncharted-meets-Call of Duty idea”, he said.

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What’s even more interesting to know is that Bret’s team also had a prototype and a demo made for this game. “It was cool, it was fun. I think someone should go and make that game someday.”


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What are your thoughts and impressions on the aforementioned, canceled COD projects? Do you think Activision should have gone ahead with its development? Let us know in the comments.

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