“This Guy Is Stuck in Third Gear” – xQc Trolls ‘TGA Bill Clinton Kid’ as He Gatecrashes HasanAbi’s WGA Stream

Published 05/05/2023, 12:00 PM EDT

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xQc has slammed the Bill Clinton kid after he harassed Hasan Piker at WGA 2023. 

The United States looks in trouble as it has an ongoing land dispute across states. People have divided themselves into two groups, one with the Writers Guild of America Labor Union and the other with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. As of now, it is unclear who would march victorious, but there has been a strange event in between.

Matan Even, popularly known as the ‘Bill Clinton’ kid, who first crashed The Game Awards, seemed to trouble Hasan Piker, the popular political streamer. And well, this news instantly hit headlines, grabbing the attention of thousands. The bit spread like wildfire, landing on xQc’s feed, who then slammed the 15-year-old for his troublesome behavior. 


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How did xQc react to the whole Hasan Piker x Bill Clinton Kid fiasco? 

Amidst the WGA strike 2023, Hasan attended the event to support the protestors in his favor. But little did he know his favorite thing would turn into a nightmare, as he was totally unprepared. During the protest, Matan Even found his way to Hasan, then shoving ‘We Love Landlords’ cardboard cutouts in his face. He constantly kept talking to the Twitch streamer who chose not to respond despite the hate. Instead, he entertained him for a bit and walked away, staying out of controversy. 


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But Matan’s troublesome behavior made headlines as people trash-talked him over it. Interestingly, Twitch streamer xQc also sparred a few statements, sharing his frustration. ” I’m not a big car driver but if you’re in second gear and it goes… you got to switch gears man. You gotta change your gears. Whenever I look at this guy, sometimes I feel like this he has like stuck in third gear,” he said. 


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While it wasn’t exactly clear what xQc meant, his facial expression said a thousand words. After all, nobody would like to get themselves in a similar situation as Hasan. On top of that, if they are aware of the person’s history, it just becomes worse.


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Last but not least, xQc then zoomed on Hasan’s crew member, who had his ‘face-palm’ moment. Sadly, he looked fed up with it all and just wanted Matan to walk away. So, despite xQc’s explanation not being exactly clear, one can join the dots and say that streamers have had enough of him.

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