Collaborations these days are on a roll right now. To bring back the lost fire of enthusiasm among the fans, there’s no better way other than collaboration to reignite it once again. And when we talk about collaborations, no one can go past Fortnite. After the hints of a “Terminator” and a “Doctor Who” collaboration, Fortnite announces another epic collab.

Fortnite announces that the game will be collaborating with the famous manga and anime series “Jujutsu Kaisen” soon. Although there is no specific release date confirmed yet, fans have started anticipating and speculating about this extravagant crossover. Let’s dive into this article and explore more about it.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Entering the Realm of Fortnite


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A few days ago, some leaks from a reliable leaker sparked excitement among the fans of Fortnite about a potential collab with the iconic anime series. Now, Fortnite itself has pinned the last nail in the coffin by announcing the crossover with an official trailer.

In that leak, there were images of some major Jujutsu Kaisen characters in the Fortnite setting: Jujutsu sorcerer Megumi Fushiguro, Jujutsu High teacher Satoru Gojo, and traigonist Nobara Kugisaki. But fans were upset as the leak didn’t have any sign of the main protagonist and most important character of the anime series, Jujutsu High student Yuji Itadori. But you can be relaxed now as the trailer confirms all four will be there to set the field of Fortnite on fire.

Not only that, another major leak claims that we can get the character skin of Yuji Itadori absolutely free, as it could be a part of the mini battle pass that is also coming with the collaboration. Besides that, this free battle pass will also give you other exclusive Jujutsu Kaisen-themed content like challenges, in-game currencies, and other rewards.

Fans Are Going bonkers.

This announcement from Fortnite has fueled the fire of excitement among the fans that was started by the leaks. Here are some fan reactions:

According to this fan, this is huge. Yes, it is.

Fans were really doubtful about the addition of the Jujutsu High student. Fortnite has now cleared the doubt.

This fan thinks the skin looks amazing. Really, they are.

According to this fan, this battle royale is doing great with Epic collabs. He also thinks Chapter 5 is going to be insane. We also think the same.

This fan might have left the game long ago. But this exciting crossover forces him to make a comeback into the game with his duo partner.


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The Fortnite universe is in a frenzy with this epic crossover. Although no specific date has been confirmed by the game as to when this crossover will surface in the game.

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But Fortnite has stated that this collab will launch in the version 25.30 update. We, the Fortnite fans, are just hoping that the game drops the update as soon as possible.

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