Fortnite is one of the most popular games of all time. Six years since its release, this game is still going strong with an incredibly huge community, and has a massive fan following. This game is not just any other battle royale. What makes it so attractive is the constant crossovers, enabling to bring major characters from other IPs.

Fortnite regularly updates the game with exciting collaborations and crossovers. Another one of the most loved aspects of these updates is emotes. Fortnite emotes are probably the best ones any game can offer because of their unique animations, exciting BGM, and spectacular moves. Some notable ones include Orange Justice, Take the L, and the Distraction Dance. It seems like Fortnite is back with another epic, groovy emote.

“Boy’s Liar” Emote Now Available on Fortnite


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Fortnite has recently announced the emote, which is based on the famous song “Boy’s Liar. This song was originally released in November 2022 and was sung by popular British singer Pink Pantheress. There is a remix part too, which was launched in February 2023.

This remix version featured the famous American rapper Ice Spice. The recently announced game’s emote also features the verses of the raps done by Ice Spice. The emote’s dance move is done by Makenna Lara Dean.

This groovy emote comes out in Chapter 4 of the Season 4 Last Resort update and is right now available at the shop for 500 V-bucks.

Here’s the emote:

Not just the Ice Spice emote; there are other emotes as well, which we will see very soon with the Last Resort update.

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There are rumors that popular TikTok star Khaby Lame will be featured in the game. There will be an emote of him as well, which is called Point and Shoot. The reported names of other emotes, which we can expect in the game pretty soon, are CrackIt, Dice Roll, Flake Frenzy, Metamorphosis, and Pitcycle.

Fans Are Ecstatic

Following the tweet regarding the new emote, fans of Ice Spice have taken to the comments to express their excitement.

While this emote was unexpected according to one user, they seem impressed and are clearly all in.

Another user has presumably found a new favorite. With a whole host of emotes, this one seems to have made it to the top of the user’s list.

One of the most enticing features of Fortnite is its exciting crossovers, through the means of character skins from various other franchises. On hearing the song and seeing the moves in the new emote, this user believes an Ice Spice skin should be added to this list.

Presumably a PinkPantheress and Ice Spice fan, this user, like other like-minded fans, can’t contain their excitement.


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The latest emote has caught the attention of Ice Spice fans who are thrilled to see, “The Boy’s a Liar” feature in Fortnite. Such is the case with this user.


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Fortnite was glooming its hype in the beginning of this year. However, the Last Resort update has reignited the flame of excitement among the fans. And meanwhile, this Ice Spice emote will surely keep the fans going.

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