There’s a lot at stake for Sony with the release of Spider-Man 2. While all the official updates of the game have been received decently by the gaming community, moves by the makers have been subjected to heavy criticism.

Developed by Insomniac Games, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is among the most anticipated games of the year. The title is set to hit sales in October for PlayStation 5. Besides being such a giant-scaled product, there have been some questionable marketing moves. One that tops the list is the absence of demo gameplay for the players. 

No Spider-Man 2 Demo Hints At Disappointing AAA Quality? 


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Earlier, the gamers speculated Spider-Man 2 to be a dominant contender for Game of the Year. The speculations were ignited after the developers revealed a massive innovation in the upcoming venture. For the first time, the character of Venom was introduced to Sony’s gaming universe. However, the rush was short-lived as the wait for a demo became never-ending. Now when we are weeks before the release, it is almost certain for the game to go for sale without a demo. This has left the gigantic fan club of Spider-Man disappointed. 

A fan took the discussion to Twitter as he wrote, “I’m pretty worried about Spiderman 2. There’s no demo in sight, how can I believe the game is going to deliver that AAA quality?!?! This definitely spells Doom for Spiderman 2.”

The tweet immediately went viral on social media inviting a lot of fan theories on the same. While most of the fans seemed heartbroken with the marketing choice, some were still willing to give the game a chance. Insomniac Game’s forthcoming giant skipping demo phase has sparked a lot of fan theories across the internet.

Even without a demo, analysts believe the game to financially excel in its early days. Inspired by Marvel’s most loved characters of next-door Spiderman, the game falls under an already established brand. But radio silence on a demo has brought a lot of uncertainty in the community.

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A fan confesses his disappointment with the title since its announcement. 

A worried fan makes a bold prediction.

Another user is worried for PlayStation as he calls the upcoming game ‘okay, like the last version.’

There’s still hope for some.


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Hopefully, the game would surpass all the fans’ expectations and mark Sony’s presence in the console rivalry. What are your thoughts on the ‘no demo‘ policy? 

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