“This Movie Is Going To Be Phenomenal!” – Fans Enthralled After Chris Pratt Hypes Up the Audience, Tickets Go Live for Super Mario Bros. Movie

Published 03/10/2023, 7:30 AM EST

Chris Pratt has dazzled fans with his ultimate charm, featuring the final trailer of the Super Mario Bros movie. 

For months, Nintendo’s Super Mario movie has been the talk of the town as it features some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. For instance, it stars Vancouver’s Seth Rogen, voicing the role of Donkey Kong, and Charlie Day as Luigi. However, what makes this comic a super hit, is Chris Pratt, who lights up the room starring as Mario. After all, fans consider the avenger to be the ‘Guardian Of The Galaxy,’ and they’re excited to experience this new chapter with him. 

After the trailer during the Nintendo Direct on March 9, the community rushed to grab their tickets. Chris himself has urged his fans to not sleep on this one, as it could become one of the ‘best’ movies they have ever watched. 


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Have you bought tickets for the Super Mario Bros Movie? 

With just a month left for the Super Mario Bros movie, Nintendo, as well as the star cast, has done a great job for promotion. While the franchise released the final trailer on March 9, actors like Chris Pratt grabbed the attention of millions with dedicated Twitter posts. 


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about 2 months ago

Here’s what he said in the post, “Destroy Mushroom Kingdom? Not on my watch #SuperMarioMovie tickets are selling out!! Be sure to get yours right now so you don’t miss out on opening weekend!!!” And in seconds, thousands of Mario fanatics expressed their feelings in the comments section. Sadly, the comments section was not entirely a happy place to be, as Chris received a little criticism here and there. So, let’s look at what fans felt after viewing his post. 


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What did the final trailer of the movie reveal? 

Till now, we had an overall understanding of the character’s powers and a few more things that fans could expect from the movie. But then, the final trailer dropped, revealing a few more details that got fans to the edge of their seats. First, Mario and Donkey Kong shake hands, and DK somehow gets fire powers. Followed by that, the next bit reveals Rainbow Road, one of the iconic race tracks from Mario Kart. And last but not the least, there are fresh looks for Luigi, Bowser, and Princess Peach. 


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So, are you set to grab your seats in theatres on April 5? 

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