Starfield is only about a week away from officially launching. Along with the launch date closing in, fans are waiting with batted breath for Bethesda‘s Magnum opus. Starfield is anticipated to be one of the devs’ most significant projects in recent years and initial glimpses are making fans more hyped. Since the Xbox Showcase 2023, the game has been topping pre-order charts on Steam. As the game’s launch date is just a week away, Starfield is again at the top of Steam charts and fans are convinced this is how it should be.

The news has been highlighted on Twitter, now known as X, and fans have shown how excited they are about the game.

Starfield tops Steam charts


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Bethesda announced Starfield in 2022. At the Xbox Showcase 2023 in June, more details about the game were disclosed. Bethesda revealed a massive map and extensive customization options at the Showcase. Fans spent each day in excruciating anticipation ever since. Even months before its release, Starfield topped almost every chart. And before its release, many have tipped the upcoming title as a GOTY (game of the year) contender.

Now, Bethesda’s GOTY nominee is back on Steam’s charts as the top seller. Fans have been pretty excited, some going as far as going into self-imposed exile to make sure the Starfield experience is not spoiled by social media posts. Others have embarked on rigorous discussions on how to build their spaceships in the game.

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More fans already have clear ideas about where they will set up their outposts in Starfield. With so many debates and discussions across platforms, it’s no surprise to see Starfield sitting at the top of Steam charts.

Straight to the top- Fans in awe of Starfield topping charts

Since the news has come to the forefront, fans have flocked to the post to reaffirm Starfield’s status as the most anticipated game of the year. This user here thinks Starfield’s sales records to date should make it interesting to see how many copies the game actually sells after release.

The confidence of some gamers is beaming. Another user reminds us of the mod options in Starfield and why that’s the likely reason for such community anticipation.

The confidence in the game is so high that some fans aren’t surprised at all.


Despite being highly priced, the preorder’s have skyrocketed. It’ll be interesting to know how much the title earns just through pre-orders.


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And while most gamers are all in already, some refuse to believe the hype, taking a more grounded approach.


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Despite reservations by some fans, Starfield is doing just fine on its own. If you’re also as excited about the game as us, share your thoughts below.

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