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Tokyo Game Show 2023: Everything New to Know About Dragon’s Dogma 2

Published 09/21/2023, 12:29 PM EDT

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The Tokyo Game Show is going on, and fans everywhere cannot get enough of the new announcements and updates. One of its attendees is Capcom, and during its presentation, they made a bunch of new revelations, among them Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Capcom gave a bunch of new information about this new and upcoming sequel to this 2013 hit RPG. It looks like they have designed the sequel with much care. Here’s everything all the Dragon’s Dogma 2 fans should know about this upcoming game!

Every new Dragon’s Dogma 2 detail was revealed during the Tokyo Game Show 2023!


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After almost a year of its announcement, the game seems complete enough for Capcom to showcase it in front of their fans. And no doubt it looks as good as we can expect from a new RE engine.

With lush environments, some really realistic animations, and similar yet improved combat mechanics, the game does not shy away from showcasing its new bells and whistles. But there were some more things that developers proudly showcased during the show, such as:


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1. A dynamic world and complex enemy AI

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is set to feature a brand-new dynamic world that players can explore at their leisure, but it will not take long before they find themselves surrounded by trouble. The combat and enemies make it pretty evident that this game takes much from its predecessors.

Then come the enemies that would fit right in with this newly designed, fully interactive world. Players are shown frustrated by a blocked pathway; as they approach, it turns out a monster is hiding in there, who then acts as a bridge once killed.

Capcom mentions that with ways of playing and tactically killing enemies in a way that they serve a purpose, players would be forced to show some creativity while playing Dragon’s Dogma 2.


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2. Brand new classes

Other things that this game brings to the table are a bunch of new classes. During their initial playthrough, players would be able to choose from four classes.

  • Fighter: A typical fighter with a sword and a shield
  • Archer: An archer with a bow that allows for long-range attacks
  • Mage: Basically, a wizard who fights by casting spells
  • Thief: Allows players to cling to the monsters and do quick attacks on them.


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It looks like players are getting much more than they had ever asked for from this new sequel. We cannot wait to explore these newly designed worlds and face everything that they throw at us.

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