Nintendo Switch has a number of incredible games. And its huge fanbase is as supportive as any fanbase can be. Thanks to that ever-supporting fanbase and a number of must-by games courtesy of Nintendo and numerous third-party developers, there are numerous sales record-breaking games on Switch.

And now that Nintendo’s console has already started its final year, let us list five games that sold in record-breaking numbers.

And believe us, there’s no shortage of uber-successful games on this console.


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The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild Nintendo Switch version sold 27.79 million as of September 2022

The promise of playing this game on the go sold fans on Nintendo Switch. That pitch was near perfect, but this game on Nintendo Switch and save Hyrule no matter where you are. And it worked, Zelda as is the custom became one of the best-selling titles on a Nintendo system.

It was so successful that it is rarely on sale to this day and it spawned a direct sequel too, which is a rarity in the Zelda series.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch 48.41 million copies as of September 2022

Nintendo’s very own cart-racing marvel starring its jumpy mascot and his band of misfits. Along with the whole cast of Mario games and tracks based on classic and modern Mario games, this game also features characters from other franchises.

Link and Zelda from the Legend of Zelda series, Donkey Kong from Donkey Kong games, etc are some examples.

Over the base game, Nintendo has made sure people keep playing this game by releasing an expansion pass featuring numerous new tracks.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold 40.17 million as of September 2022

This friendly combination of a social simulator and city builder has been winning hearts ever since it launched back in 2020. The game’s launch was made even more successful by COVID-19 lockdowns.

Turns out people really love playing games when they are stuck inside their homes.

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Hence this game sold like hell and gave gamers a very pleasant and positive escape into a world that they created for themselves.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sold 29.53 million as of September 2022

The ultimate crossover fighting game. Featuring not only Mario and friends, but Snake, Bayonetta, Pacman, Sonic, and Steve from Minecraft, and this list keeps ongoing.

These games are known to break friendships. But they are also one of the most popular fighting games that allow up to 8 players to bash each other’s heads locally.

It is no surprise it sold so much; its director Masahiro Sakurai claims it is the “Ultimate” smash bros game. And we are inclined to believe.


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Pokemon Sword and Shield sold 25.37 million copies as of September 2022

At this point, how surprising is the fact that a Pokemon game sells a record number of copies? Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sold 10 million copies within the first three days of their launch. And so Pokemon Sword and Shield are on the list of best-selling Nintendo Switch games ever.

And believe us when we tell you, a record made by a Pokemon game can only be broken by very few games, a Call of duty title, a title made by Rockstar games, and another Pokemon game.


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By the looks of it Nintendo Switch had a pretty good run till now, let us see how the upcoming Zelda sequel affects this list.