Top 5 Locations Call of Duty Warzone Fans Should Drop Into in the New Fortune’s Keep Map

Published 07/05/2022, 1:05 PM EDT

Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard recently received the much-awaited Fortune’s Keep map for the players who were seeking a fresh way to enjoy the battle royale modes. Now they have 12 POIs at their disposal which they can use to their advantage.


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However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all the areas in Fortune’s Keep are friendly. Call of Duty players will need to make them suitable for their own usage. And it’s not a hard mission to accomplish, provided they know the best spots to drop in. Well, they don’t need to go looking further as we break down the top 5 locations to drop in Warzone and Vanguard under the new map.

What is the Fortune’s Keep in Call of Duty Warzone?


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The developing team rolled out the latest map last month. Basically, it’s a Resurgence map, being a hybrid between Rebirth Island and the bigger Caldera map. It is a colonial-era Island featuring vibes from the World War 2’s timeline. It brings together a set of various drop spots where players can land during online matches.

Fortune’s Keep is roughly the same size as Rebirth Island but it has more buildings, and structures. Not to mention that most of the players will try to use them for gaining the best possible outcomes while increasing their chances of winning.

Everything to know about Warzone Fortune’s Keep map

When it comes to the details, then Fortune’s Keep is filled with multiple drop locations, as mentioned above. However, there are some of them that might come in handy for the Call of Duty Warzone players who want to maximize the probability of winning.

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Keeping this purpose in mind, here are the Top 5 best POIs (points of interest) to drop in Fortune’s Keep:


This is the biggest POI in the Warzone map, taking about a third of the entire area. Moreover, it also has a huge mansion in which most of the players will find themselves lost. But on the other side, this aspect can also grant an added advantage as well when used correctly.


If you want to fight hard, this is the location for you. Plus, it features tons of items to loot, which is an attractive, added feature. Town has nearly 30 buildings, with some of them being interconnected very closely. What’s crucial to note is that almost every building has got some sort of loot or supply box for the players.


Compared to the above two locations, Winery falls weaker in terms of having a large amount of loot or supply boxes. Still, it can be chosen to land during a match as it will prove to be quite beneficial. There are cellars to regroup while some buildings have tons of loot. The area has got a positional advantage as players can wait for the enemies coming from other drop locations.


It can be described as a ‘walk-in-the-park’ map area in Fortune’s Keep. It’s ideal for those Call of Duty Warzone players who don’t want an intense fight at the start of a match.


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Mostly, it remains quiet while giving the players enough time to survive. Sadly, it doesn’t have much supply to grab so this point should be kept in mind when deciding to go for this POI.


This falls in the far east of Fortune’s Keep, being at a healthy distance from other map areas like Keep and Town. This implies that players can survive for a longer duration here without having to worry about facing any conflict. Moreover, the Camp POIs have got tents as well. They have all the ground loot with supply boxes spread across different directions.

Advantages of Fortune’s Keep map

Perhaps the biggest plus point of this Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard map is that it features tons of elevation changes. Simply put, players can decide to take the high or low ground based on their judgment. It will be quite helpful during intense encounters while also enabling one to master the areas of the entire map.


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The Vines lead to the top of the Keep and several other buildings in the Town areas. Player can also make use of climbing as it’s now much easier to reach the rooftops by climbing up adjacent buildings.

What can we use Fortune’s Keep map in Warzone for?


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If one wants to compare Caldera and Fortune’s Keep, then the latter is having an upper hand in offering more benefits. While Caldera was mostly open with the recent vegetation changes, the latest map has got better options to take cover. There are rocks, buildings, tents, boxes, and parapets to fulfill this objective.

There are also underground passages, many secret rooms, and tons of nooks for the players to hide. To describe it in one word, Fortune’s Keep is a paradise for campers in CoD Warzone. And if one is able to learn about all of its POIs, this map is a total treat to have.



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