Top 5 Video Games You Can Play And Be A Proud BTS Army

Published 10/18/2022, 12:30 PM EDT

BTS is the most sold artist in the world for more than 4 years, as they have sold millions of copies of their songs both domestically and globally. This crazy for the Bangtan Boys have made a global phenomenon in the K-Pop industry, making them boom in just a few years of time.

But now with the latest reports of the popular Boys Band going to serve their country in military service. As the band will now return in 2025 after their service to the military, it is yet not time to be sad, but to celebrate their dreams coming true to be a soldier. Thus, here are the top 5 games that will keep you attached to the ARMY and make you feel proud for the same.


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Jungkook, V, and Suga are one of the biggest fans of the Overwatch franchise. Although Jungkook is the most obsessed one of the 7 members, V and Suga don’t lag behind. Jungkook in an interview with Yahoo Esports also said that he likes Overwatch more than any other BTS member, as the other members said they like StarCraft or League of Legends.

Being the youngest member of the BTS, Jungkook is also known as the ‘Golden Maknae’. Thus, it is not surprising that the 25-year-old BTS member has some pretty interesting video game choices.

League of Legends

RM, J-Hope, and Jin are the most immersive League of Legends players in the group. They have been a long-time player in the game, notably, they also had a match between them and T1. According to reports, the Boys Band is a huge fan of the T1 group, especially Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok.

The event they played the game was called RUN BTS, where they had a pretty intense match between them and T1, showing their prowess in the game.

The Lion King

During one of his birthday broadcasts, Jin was seen playing the 1994 released game The Lion King published by Disney. Notably, Jin had the game installed on his PC for some time and it can be speculated that he really likes to play it as a free time activity.

Surprisingly though the team had also dubbed the Korean version of the original Lion King for the 1994 released film, for a variety show. Where J-Hope played the role of Scar, while Jimin, Jin, and Rm played the role of Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed respectively.


Both RM and J-Hope are huge fans of the franchise as they chose the game over League of legends when asked in an interview. With the game being set in an intergalactic scenario and military tactics, it is for sure that other BTS members also like the game the same way as their partners.

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft has a huge fan base of its own, thus it is obvious that the Korean Boys Band would also have some shared love for the game.


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Super Mario Odyssey

When Jin gifted Jimin a Nintendo Switch in 2017, it had only one game, Super Mario Odyssey. This is thus not surprising that the game will have a certain impact on the Bangtan Boys.


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It is also a fact that J-Hope also owns a Nintendo Switch and most probably other BTS members might also have one themselves. Thus it won’t be a surprise if they play the same game while borrowing from each other.



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