Top 5 Most Popular Video Game Characters Of All Time

Published 06/13/2023, 1:50 PM EDT

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For well over a span of six decades video games have offered fans some of the most memorable characters, each with their unique personality. From Pac-Man to Elden Ring, fans have accompanied a plethora of iconic characters on their journey to save the world.

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Many fans grew up with their favorite characters, and often let their choicest characters even define their life and personalities for years. Here are the top 5 most noteworthy, or iconic, characters of all time from video games

5. Donkey Kong


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Even though the angry gorilla started out his career as a plumber-hater and princess’ kidnapper, he later became a banana-hoarding uncle. His rather interesting life began as a hateful villain in his own game, but later Donkey Kong went on to transform into a caring uncle who seeks bananas for his nephew.

Donkey Kong is among the best platform games ever designed and the seemingly ugly gorilla goes through a transformation that may not be compelling to some but is certainly memorable to all.


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4. Arthur Morgan

For any character to live up to the benchmarks set by John Marston would be fairly difficult. But as players who have completed Red Dead Redemption 2 can attest, Arthur Morgan proved to boast a character that left a longing mark.

Many consider Morgan to be the greatest video game character of all time. His past life of crimes set him on a path to seek atonement. Constantly in the process of finding his calm with who he is, Morgan’s demise from tuberculosis had taken players through a whirlwind of emotions that were unprecedented and left fans wanting for more, over and over again.

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3. Ezio Auditore

Compared to Altair’s rather robotic demeanor, Ezio Auditore was a breath of fresh air for Assassin’s Creed fans. Ezio was the main historic character introduced in Assassin’s Creed 2. He has two main agendas: women and fighting.

After his family is massacred, he finds a new path and becomes the pivotal character in saving The Brotherhood. Through three consecutive titles, Ezio displays his will to face and rise above challenges, making him one of the most memorable faces of the franchise.

2. Trevor Phillips

Even though GTA V was released 10 years ago, Trevor Phillips and his possie remain one of the most iconic video game characters ever created. Despite being a complete jerk of a character, Trevor also manages to be one of the best protagonists of the franchise.

Even though the game would not be the same without either Michael or Franklin, Trevor’s careless attitude throughout the entire game made it impossible for fans to just put him down as a forgettable character.

1. Mario


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A video game list cannot be complete without Mario on it, irrespective of what the list is for. An Italian plumber looking to risk it all to save the stranded princess would easily capture anyone’s attention from the get-go.

Mario’s popularity has not only not diminished, but he has been able to venture beyond the video game industry to become a face in pop culture in general. It is no surprise that Mario would top the list of the most memorable video game characters of all time.


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Who are your favorite video game characters? Which ones do you think deserve to be on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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