2023 is already half gone. During these first six months, some pretty amazing games were dropped, but some might have remained under the radar. From Final Fantasy XVI to Street Fighter 6, the community has been blessed with a lot of titles that are likely to keep us busy for at least a few more months. Here are the top 10 games from the first half of 2023 that are worthy of your time.

Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix’s latest title in the long-running franchise. With dynamic new changes to the gameplay as well as new combat modes, fans have waited a long time for significant upgrades in the franchise. Playing as the protagonist Clive, you can experience some breathtaking cinematics throughout the game. With some great characters and an incredible background score, Clive’s magic powers won’t be the only thing that stun you.


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Street Fighter 6

The classic Capcom title got a new installment and fans can’t stop playing. A plethora of new content has helped the game to receive massive approval thanks to vibrant looks and new get-ups of old characters.

Hogwarts Legacy

Set hundreds of years before Harry Potter, the Avalanche Software title lets you in on many secrets of the wizarding school. It is already one of the biggest-selling games of the year, and deservedly so. You get to select your own House and explore all nooks and crannies of the vast magical world.

The Outlast Trials

Even though this title is still in early-access mode, the horror of Outlast titles is very much present in the game. For those who played previous Outlast games, this will be the perfect online multiplayer experience where players can team up to send the baddies back to the netherworld.

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Resident Evid 4 Remake

A perfect balance between significant changes and yet retaining the charm of the original title. Increased character depth and a change in tonality make the game a true trip to crazy town.

Hi-Fi Rush

Developed by the team behind Evil Within, this super fun action game is sure to get you hooked. With vibrant graphics, that is a nod to both Western cartoon and anime styles, you have to land your hits along with the background beats. The art style makes Hi-Fi Rush a gorgeous experience that is also a tribute to its influences.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

A Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order sequel by Respawn. With a lengthier story mode and diverse combat styles, Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the perfect recluse for Star Wars fans. Fighting de-commissioned clones, you will easily feel an instant connection with the game, if you are a true lover of the sci-fi extravaganza that is Star Wars. Go through an open-world universe with a lightsaber in hand, and you will have the Force to protect you.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A massive new landscape added to Hyrule makes this game easily a contender for the Game of the Year. Environmental interactions are super immersive and complex compared to previous Zelda titles with new mechanics. Players can have fun messing with physics in the game while also building multiple objects to explore the lands properly.

Diablo 4

The bleak Activision Blizzard title may come out as gothic to many, but there’s no denying how fun it is. Even though the number of things you can do has increased significantly compared to previous Diablo titles, the signature feel of the franchise is still there.


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Octopath Traveler 2

A Heaven for JRPG players, the visuals are stunning in the sequel. 2D graphics but in high-definition; players will surely fall in love with the game’s style.


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What is your favorite game so far for this year? Let us know below.

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