Travel Across The Universe In These Top 7 Space-Themed Games While You Wait For Starfield

Published 07/05/2023, 11:55 AM EDT

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Space exploration is considered a popularly growing genre in the gaming community. There have been a lot of innovative implementations around the sci-fi outer space worlds before. But the season of 2023 seems to be the best time to be a sci-fi lover. No surprise if the first to come to your mind is Starfield. The makers have made sure the title has all the limelight ever since the Xbox Showcase.

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Interestingly, Starfield isn’t the only upcoming space exploration game that might pull big numbers. Of course, the hype around Starfield is surreal, but there are plenty more promising titles fans can’t wait to experience. 

Some Other Titles Like Starfield To Look Forward To


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Undoubtedly Starfield has to be one of the highest anticipated titles in the genre ever. There hasn’t been a day the title hasn’t trended on social media. The title is set to release in October. Fans have great expectations from this Bethesda giant. 

Here are some other upcoming titles that you should know about. 


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Falling Frontier 

Falling Frontier suffered a lot due to the constant unexplained delays. Even with the disappointing delays, this RTS space game looks impressive. Just like Starfield, Falling Frontier is also widely appreciated for the realistic detailing in the early glimpses. Vital decision-making and crew member importance are two other parallels that can be drawn with Bethesda’s upcoming creation. 

Kerbal Space Program 2 

Another majorly anticipated title due to the exceptional response received by its predecessor. Kerbal Space Program 2 takes you to the cosmos right from scratch. It lets the players build their rockets and ships based on real technical knowledge. It is a definite recommendation for astronomical enthusiasts willing to understand aerospace mechanics through fun. 

Homeworld 3 

Another sequel of a super hit franchise makes the list. The fact that this third part is set to release after 20 years of the previous part. Homeworld 3 takes inspiration from the previous releases of the series, but yet sets itself apart from the league. The adaptations are made according to the modern era supposedly making it worth the wait.

The Outer Worlds 2 

The Outer Worlds 2 isn’t a conventional outer space exploration. Although there is not much that has been revealed by the makers yet. Fans feel the title to be a refined improvement over the original. The original title had an unorthodox tone to the generic sci-fi thrillers. The uniqueness and the humor of the game were widely appreciated by the fans. It will be interesting to see how the developers carry on with the tone in the coming sequel.

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Revisiting Some Gems From The Past

As we talked about some upcoming space adventurous games, let us revisit some from the past. 


Ixion was released at the very end of 2022. Rather an exploring the world outside, the game keeps it simple and explores a mobile space station. The game stands out from a visual perspective. 

Everspace 2


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Everspace 2 is a single-player combat-focused action-packed game. Unlike its predecessor, the sequel is more open-world and not just a roguelike.

System Shock 

System Shock is a remake of the 1994 title of the same name. It is one unique game that blends two challenging genres. The game brings the horror touch of zombies to space and does it with excellence. 


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Some honorable mentions to the list would be No Man’s Sky, the Halo series, and the Star Wars series.  What games would you like to revisit to prepare for the ultimate Starfield experience? 

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