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TSM Fines Their Fortnite Pro For His Outrageous Behavior

TSM Fines Their Fortnite Pro For His Outrageous Behavior


Moments after winning the first-ever ‘Ninja Battles Featuring Fortnite’ tournament, TSM player Anthony’ ZexRow’ Colandro trash-talked about his rivals from the latest FNCS invitational. ZexRow caused a lot of hatred, and now TSM has taken action against the player. 

Mixer hosted the tournament. The team of TSM Fortnite pros Anthony ‘ZexRow’ Colandro, Mack’ Mack Wood’ Aesoph, and Jonathan’ Calc’ Weber won the first week of the competition. The trio also won a cash prize amounting to $25,000. ZexRow took things out of line, passing hateful comments on other competitors.   

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TSM fines their Fortnite pro-ZexRow 

TSM CEO Andy Dinh announced on their official blog that they had fined ZexRow one month’s salary. They acknowledge that his behavior was unprofessional and has conveyed deep regrets over his actions. 

We are extremely disappointed in the comments made by Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro and take this matter very seriously. Effective immediately, he has been fined one month’s salary. His behavior was absolutely inappropriate, and does not represent the values of TSM or our brand partners,” Andy Dinh stated.

The action seems appropriate for the case. Players need to know that there are consequences for every wrong word they utter. Hopefully, ZexRow understands the gravity of the situation and makes the necessary changes in himself.

Secondly, TSM also took the chance to do something helpful for the country from the fine. They will be donating the Fortnite player’s fine to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, an organization directed at youth welfare.

We are donating the amount of Zexrow’s fine to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, an organization that does amazing work for young people all over the country.”, Dinh wrote. To sum it up, TSM is doing a good job to cover up the blunder. Giving ZexRow time off would only benefit both parties.

ZexRow to undergo counseling

CEO Andy Dinh apologized to the fans and community. In addition, they also informed that ZexRow will undergo professional counseling to work on himself. Further, he added that any such occurrence in the future would see ZexRow’s departure.

TSM echoes his apology to fans and the community, and he has expressed his sincere regret to us as well. We will be providing Zexrow with professional counseling and training, helping him to work on how he conducts himself – both publicly and privately. 

“Zexrow has been a valuable member of our organization for some time, and we hope to help him learn and grow from this incident. That said, we have informed him that we have a no-tolerance policy for this kind of behavior and that we will be forced to part ways if something like this should occur again in the future. We believe in Zex, and have faith that with serious personal reflection and focus, he can move forward from this,” the CEO of TSM, Andy Dinh, concluded.

The 19-year-old would do better with proper training. His offensive words have cost him. However, we hope ZexRow sees this as a chance to grow more as a professional. In other words, this could be a new beginning for the Fortnite pro. 

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