Blizzard sure knows how to make excellent dungeon crawlers, and they sure know how to keep their fans coming back. Fans of Diablo 4 are well aware of how good that game is. And Blizzard cannot stop making it better with constant new content and quality-of-life updates.

With these new updates come a bunch of changes to the gameplay too. Just so players can stay on guard at all times, Season 2 of Diablo 4 does something similar, making a ton of changes to a bunch of builds. Besides, it’s adding a whole new type of power to the game.

Guide for players to start a more effective Twisting Blades Rogue leveling build


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These dual-wielding weapons can be fast and deadly, but only in the hands of a character that is equipped with the correct skills. And a character that actually knows how to play with them. They are capable of dealing damage with two hits per caste. Their piercing damage can be effective against more than one enemy at once if positioned correctly. These blades are the perfect weapon for the players who started their new game with a rogue character and have leveled to 50 since.

Best Vampire Power for a Rogue Build

Season 2 has introduced a bunch of vampire powers for players to explore. Here’s a list of vampire powers every rogue character must have to be a force to reckon with in this new season.

Major Powers

  1. Metamorphosis
  2. Moonrise
  3. Accursed Touch

Minor Powers

  1. Prey on the Weak
  2. Domination
  3. Sanguine Brace
  4. Hectic
  5. Anticipation

A guide to the rogue skill tree for a Twisting Blades Rogue build

For every rogue wanting to be overpowered at the start of season 2, here’s a list of must-have skills in Diablo 4.

  1. Puncture
  2. Enhanced Puncture
  3. Twisting Blades
  4. Fundamental Puncture
  5. Enhanced Twisting Blades
  6. Improved Twisting Blades
  7. Dash
  8. Shadow Step
  9. Twisting Blades, Level 2
  10. Twisting Blades, Level 3
  11. Twisting Blades, Level 4
  12. Concealment
  13. Enhanced Stealth
  14. Countering Stealth
  15. Twisting Blades, Level 5
  16. Enhanced Shadow Step
  17. Shadow Imbuement
  18. Enhanced Shadow Imbuement
  19. Mixed Shadow Imbuement
  20. Shadow Crash
  21. Consuming Shadows
  22. Consuming Shadows, Level 2
  23. Consuming Shadows, Level 3
  24. Methodical Shadow Step
  25. Adrenaline Rush
  26. Haste
  27. Haste Level 2
  28. Haste Level 3
  29. Concussive
  30. Trick Attacks
  31. Trick Attacks Level 2
  32. Trick Attacks Level 3
  33. Concussive Level 2
  34. Close Quarters
  35. Concussive Level 3
  36. Stutter Step
  37. Stutter Step Level 2
  38. Stutter Step Level 3
  39. Exploit
  40. Exploit Level 2
  41. Exploit Level 3
  42. Malice
  43. Malice Level 2
  44. Malice Level 3
  45. Agile
  46. Agile Level 2
  47. Agile Level 3
  48. Sturdy
  49. Sturdy Level 2


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Diablo 4 Season 2 Twisting Blades Rogue Playstyle

These are a couple of fast-moving blades whose damage increases with every constant hit. Try and create larger combos in order to get a better damage output. In addition to a player’s ability to effectively build up combo points, skills like Shadow Imbuement would help players turn that damage into shadow damage.

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Here’s hoping this build helps players get the most out of this latest season of Diablo 4.

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