Twitch Ambassador Sweet Anita Lashes Out at Andrew Tate Over a Controversial Christmas Tweet

Published 12/27/2022, 12:45 PM EST

Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer and a millionaire. He came under the radar of criticism after some controversial statements he made. Since then, he has been at the forefront of many news. He gained negative light in the eyes of many. But regardless of this, he also managed to get many followers who seem loyal to the millionaire.

From the moment he became famous, each and every action he makes has become a subject of scrutiny. Amidst all these, his recent tweet that was posted on Christmas has many fuming.

Andrew Tate: A controversial Christmas wish


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On the day of Christmas, while everyone was wishing each other a merry day, Andrew Tate’s tweet dropped like a bomb. In his tweet he was calling out to people for being poor and went on to criticize people in his tweet. Many felt discomfort seeing such a tweet from him, that too on a precious holiday.

Among them was Twitch Ambassador SweetAnita, who later replied to Tate’s tweet.

Anita was calling out Tate for such a tweet. Moreover, she was also addressing his supporters who keep backing Tate, even after he puts up such statements. She compares the relationship between Andrew Tate and his fans to a toxic relationship.

The Twitch Ambassador was not the only one who felt the tweet was inappropriate. There were many who got offended or disturbed by such a tweet on Christmas day. Many like Anita went on to call out the Millionaire’s supporters, questioning why they were still supporting someone like Tate.

There were people who were expressing the opposite. That is, they seemed to support the statement that Andrew Tate was putting forward as a Christmas message.

Moreover, some of his followers went to criticize Anita for her remarks about Tate and his followers.

Again, just like the other times. Many people are in support of Andrew Tate and even more against his actions.


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Andrew Tate is having a busy year-end

All this is happening after Elon Musk gave Tate his Twitter handle back. Earlier, his account was suspended. He got his account back around November. Musk was reinstating many suspended personalities’ Twitter accounts including Tate and Kanye West. (Though Kanye got his account suspended again).

Apart from all these, Andrew Tate was seen on Piers Morgan Show recently. It is the second time he went on Morgan’s show. He went over to discuss his worldviews and other aspects he liked to talk about. Both of them enjoyed a session of chess as well.


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