Twitter Reacts to Among Us Teasing New Cosmetic With Airship Map Update on March 31

Published 03/27/2021, 2:29 PM EDT

Among Us became one of the most important multiplayer titles in 2020. This social deduction game originally comprised 3 maps, with the studio InnerSloth promising to come up with more in the future. The developers shared an elaborate teaser for the new Airship map at the Game Awards 2020.


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Now it has come with a final deadline for the map’s release, along with new cosmetics. Players can expect to receive this massive update on March 31, and it is indeed going to be interesting.


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another free hat coming with the update!

🍫 chocolate ice cream 🍫

definitely does not look like anything else!! just pure chocolate ice cream!!! 🙂

— Among Us ✈️ The Airship – March 31 (@AmongUsGame) March 26, 2021

A free hat that looks like an ice-cream and more cosmetics could prove to be enticing. The upcoming update could hold many important things that might revamp the title completely. The community mod of proximity chat has won over the world, and it would be interesting to see whether it makes the cut.

Twitter reacts to Among Us teasing a massive update

The thread of the recent update attracted responses from the fans world over. The news of new free cosmetics and the highly anticipated map will definitely catapult the title to new heights of success. The developers have already promised that they might come up with a brand new version of the title. So far, the community has to make do with new content that is going to be added with each update.

American gaming giant, Xbox, was the first one to offer its reaction on the news.

Hmmm we'll get to the bottom of this.

— Xbox (@Xbox) March 26, 2021

Twitch also dropped into the thread with a query regarding the new free cosmetic.

No cherry? Sprinkles?

— Twitch (@Twitch) March 26, 2021

Well, the studio has promised that it not going to be what it looks like in the image. However, Twitch’s executive, Rayapollo, called it as he saw it, and it was downright hilarious.


— RayApollo (@RayApollo) March 26, 2021

A fan asked an important question regarding the upcoming update and whether it will come to mobile devices.

YEAHH!…the new map and updates will be available on mobile too right? or no?

— Nieph¹⁹ ☀️🦇 || STREAM DAYWALKER (@Nieph_) March 26, 2021

The studio offered a prompt response with good news for all mobile players.


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it will!

— Among Us ✈️ The Airship – March 31 (@AmongUsGame) March 26, 2021

Players only have to wait for a few days for the new map to roll out. It will certainly break the internet, and fans can expect to see new features being introduced. The studio has revealed no hints about the same, hoping to surprise everyone on March 31.


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