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Twitter Reacts To The War Between Epic Games and Apple

Twitter Reacts To The War Between Epic Games and Apple

Well, Apple has just shocked the gaming community all at once. Out of nowhere, they decided to remove Fortnite from the App Store. This came just hours after Fortnite announced the Mega Drop on their in-game V-Bucks. Shortly, Google followed up on the action on Epic Games as well.

Epic Games is in a compromising position at the moment having Fortnite removed from both Android and IOS platforms. If you arenโ€™t aware of what the matter is, spare the research and let us explain.

Epic Games introduced โ€œDirect Paymentโ€ in Fortnite. This means that the 30 percent proceedings Apple and Google enjoyed when players purchased V Bucks on Fortnite would no longer be applicable. That is, the Direct Payment option brings in the new discounted amount whereas Google Play or App Store purchase would be on the costlier side.

Twitter reacts to Epic’s move

Players would obviously opt for the option that would save the amount, and thus, neither Google nor Apple was happy with Epicโ€™s decision. Pros, streamers, and fans took it to Twitter to express their take on the entire matter. You can read some of them below.

What’s next for Epic Games in their war?

Epic is clearly in a war with Google and Apple. Apple released an official statement clarifying that they had not reviewed or approved the new “Direct Payment” that Epic implemented. Hence, they made the decision to remove Fortnite from their App store.

Google would probably cite the same reply if asked why they made the decision. Talking about Epic Games and their lawsuit, they clearly mention that they intend no compensation. Instead, they wish to stand against the Apple Store monopoly.

Many still consider this a marketing strategy. The entire attention falls on Epic and Fortnite at the moment. They are on the verge of a huge battle, and there might be no winner at all.

Fortnite being removed from both platforms is a huge blow to Epic Games. It is surprising that they are taking things on a light note. Apple did mention that they’d look to fix the issue with Epic and get Fortnite back on their platform, so the same could happen with Google.

As of now, nothing has been concluded. Epic has the ball in their court, and their move would be substantial in any decision henceforth.

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