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Twitter’s Torchbearer Elon Musk Hires PlayStation 3 Hacker Amidst Riveting Developments

Published 11/24/2022, 2:10 PM EST

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Elon Musk has been instated as the new boss of Twitter. After months-long speculation, the business tycoon took the role of Twitter’s CEO. Since that moment, Elon Musk has been making some drastic changes to the platform and its staff. Surprisingly, it seems a PlayStation 3 hacker has got himself enrolled in an unpaid internship at Twitter.

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Elon Musk has been known as a popular businessman and a personality altogether. From SpaceX to Twitter, he has marvelously painted the industry with new technologies and inventions. Notably, his entrance to the social media platform Twitter had been the talk of the town. From deeming to re-introduce Vine to the Twitter Blue subscription plan, the platform has gone through changes. And it seems there’s more to come.


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PlayStation 3 hacker gets an internship at Twitter with just a cost-of-living incentive

As reported by the organization Game Rant, PlayStation 3 hacker George Hotz was recently enrolled for an unpaid internship. Known as geohot, he has been known for jailbreaking iOS. Moreover, it was learned that Hotz had understood the development done by Elon on Twitter as “the attitude that builds incredible things.” 

Furthermore, with cost-of-living in San Francisco getting covered, Hotz propagated his intentions of working at Twitter as a 12-week unpaid intern. Interestingly, Elon had shown the green light and enrolled Hotz to work on the social media search function at Twitter.


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Moreover, Hotz had spoken about his decision and move of working at Twitter. In a tweet, he said, “Some of the responses to the last tweet are odd. I’m an intern trying to improve search, whatever feelings you have about Twitter and Elon are not about me. Think it’s cool to get feedback. Not trying to get “free work” I just find this fun. Here to learn and improve things!”

Furthermore, regarding a ‘search query,’ he had come forward to welcome any coder or designer deeming to help him deal with the query. In a tweet, he said, “Not sure I have authority for this, but if amazing React coder/designer wants internship to help me fix search…or someone working@Twitter already. I want to type “from:” in the Search Twitter box and have it tokenize and autocomplete.”

Therefore, these instances further cement the fact that Hotz is working at Twitter. And only the future can be the evidence of how and what changes the platform gets to see.

Elon Musk and MrBeast indulge in talks about creators getting space on Twitter


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Above all, Elon is also looking forward to welcoming creators to Twitter. While receiving a suggestion from Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt, Elon was interested in the idea of Twitter hosting content creators. Surprisingly, he also had a brief conversation with YouTube star MrBeast regarding the compensation.

While Elon stated about Twitter giving higher compensation to creators, once the development is enrolled, MrBeast stated his thoughts. He replied by saying, “Higher compensation will be hard, some YouTubers get $20+ rpms even after YouTube takes their cut. I’d be shocked if you crack that code.” Thus, it would be exciting to see how the future gets shaped for creators on Twitter.


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What do you think could be done on Twitter for gaming? Do share your guesses in the comments section below.

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