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Ubisoft’s Ambitious Move to Develop 11 Assassin’s Creed Games at Once Is Making Fans Worried – What Are Your Thoughts?

Published 07/03/2023, 6:27 AM EDT

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There are numerous games in development at this particular moment. A Wolverine game at Insomniac, the developer of Spider-Man 2, a Call of Duty title, Alan Wake 2, and eleven Assassin’s Creed games. Some things are better off just being thrown out there very casually, like this one.

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Ubisoft is popular for doing such a thing. They have developed numerous games simultaneously before. Their decision to focus on this sci-fi historical franchise has not been hidden from anyone, but this is indeed shocking. But that gives rise to an essential question.

Is Ubisoft developing 11 Assassin’s Creed games at once good for the gaming community?


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Video game developers always want to stay ahead in the game of developing software. On average, it could take developers 3 to 4 years to complete the development of a game. Some games, such as most modern Call of Duty titles, are even developed in around two years, which sounds pretty fast, but that is possible when there are multiple studios working on one particular title.

Hence, it probably isn’t surprising that a publisher like Ubisoft has so many titles under development. Ubisoft understands the need to churn out multiple hits from the same franchise.


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At the same time, it is also understandable why some gamers are concerned with this development. While gamers can be certain that a title that takes longer to develop would give a great playing experience, the same may not be said for the ones developed sooner. Nevertheless, a great playing experience would be guaranteed with experienced video game publishers like Ubisoft.


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And, it is safe to say that Ubisoft, too, understands this. That is why, after developing three identical games for three straight years, it decided to launch Mirage.  It might sound mighty exciting to hear that a franchise is getting eleven new titles. But it is easy to get equally worried. As this move also runs the risk of failure.


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What are your thoughts on this development? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on all the new Assassin’s Creed titles? In addition, what is your favorite Assassin’s Creed game? Tell us in the comments below.

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