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Upcoming PlayStation 5 Exclusive Forspoken Might Not Have Many Reviews Before Launch

Published 01/20/2023, 2:30 PM EST

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PlayStation 5 console exclusive Forspoken would be launching on January 24, 2023. The game is already pretty famous for its good-looking visuals and its fast-paced gameplay. The other thing that really attracted gamers to this game was one gameplay mechanic that stood out the most, magic parkour.

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Players can traverse the whole game world using this mechanic and look pretty cool in action. And one of the biggest reasons for its hype was it being the first next-gen only PlayStation title of the year.

But it looks like there’s some catch to it!


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Square Enix is not sending out many review copies for Forspoken!

While fans wait for a game’s launch, one of the most exciting things that they get to do is read reviews for a game. They may or may not agree with a reviewer’s opinions regarding a game, but they at least learn some more stuff about it through those reviews.

And there are also people who take these reviews very seriously, hence they make the decision to buy a game only after having seen or read a game’s review. But it appears this would not be happening in the case of Forspoken.


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Square Enix has decided to not send out too many review codes for their upcoming open-world action RPG title. This beautiful big budget game would only be reviewed once it actually launches and reviewers actually are able to buy this game.

Although the game looks decent enough in the trailers, the demo that Square Enix launched for it in 2022 received a mixed response from gamers. Maybe that’s the reason for Square Enix’s action.


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If their game gets mixed, or negative reviews at launch, it might affect its sales numbers. This is just one of the speculations. The real reason for the limited number of review copies is yet to be known.

Game publishers do this thing very often

This kind of thing has been done a number of times before. Publishers such as EA, Bethesda, and even Ubisoft have held review copies until the actual launch date for the game. They do that because they know their game might have some area that lacks perfection yet. Hence, a reviewer might give it a bad review and affect its sales.


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This only makes the case of Forspoken’s limited review copies a very confusing one indeed!

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