Rachell “Rae” Hofstetter, better known as Valkyrae, never ceases to amaze her fans. The Queen of YouTube has a following of 3.64 million strong. These legions of devoted followers tune into every second of the streamer’s life, be it GTA V RP or her showing off her dance moves in public. Longtime fans of the creator would know she is no slouch on the dance floor.

She and BrookeAB have won the 100 Thieves viral TikTok dances challenge in the past, decimating CouRage and Nadeshot. But Rae’s recent performance might have one-upped all her previous ones if the look on Miyoung’s face is to be believed.


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Valkyrae throws it back on Miyoung’s stream

Valkyrae and Miyong were recently out in public streaming their antics. With the 100 Thieves co-owner sporting an all-black look with an adorable hat on top. Nobody could have foreseen what was waiting for them when Miyoung sat down for a quick breather. It only took Rae a few seconds before breaking out into a dance. As fans enjoyed the impromptu performance, she quickly switched gears.

Up next was the popular Fortnite floss move. Some may remember this as the move Ninja infamously performed at New York’s Times Square during New Year’s Eve 2018. And fans definitely saw enough movement this time. When Miyoung turned around, she was amused by her friend’s antics. Even asked her audience to send her a green screen version of Rae’s dance. And this is when Valkyrae surprised everybody.

Suddenly the Queen of YouTube hit twerk, startling Miyoung, who blurted out “What the heck!”. Valkyrae started laughing herself as she claimed she was going to do it but stopped.

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However, an astonished Miyoung couldn’t believe her eyes, asking herself what did she had just see. To which Rae promptly replied,

“I was gonna throw it back!”


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Apparently, the streamer was vibing with the jazz in the back. But this didn’t help Miyoung cope with the suddenness of the move, as she covered her mouth and hilariously responded, “For free? No milestones you have to hit, she said ‘For free’. Man, that coffee must have been good!”. Rae definitely caught the dance bug that day.

Valkyrae took Miyoung’s breath away with her move. It would be hilarious to see CouRage and Nadeshot try to compete with the Queen in the next edition of their dance-off.


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