Valkyrae Rages on Being Called “Random Friends” by Sykkuno

February 20, 2021 1:05 am

Watching OfflineTV and friends play Among Us is something most of us enjoy. The global pandemic boosted the game to popularity and with it, content creators like Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Disguised Toast and more. Gradually, however, the streamers began trying out new games on stream. This was to bring diversity into their content to make things interesting for the viewers. Often, Sykkuno and group play casual card games and Valorant on their Twitch stream. In fact, recently the group has started uploading Valorant highlights on their YouTube channels too.

On one such Valorant stream, Valkyrae got mad at Sykkuno. Three days back, Sykkuno was sharing a lobby with Valkyrae, Yvonne and other streamer friends. Valkyrae snapped off when she heard him call the group, including herself “random friends” while stream sniping. This led to two minutes of her being a possessive friend, while Sykkuno tried to justify his words. Meanwhile, the rest of the lobby kept provoking them both and engaging. Watch the funny clip below.

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Valkyrae reacts to Sykkuno’s “Random Friends” statement

“He invited “random friends” to a random lobby, and he randomly made it. HOLD MY EARNINGS, HOLD MY BACK, HOLD MY HANDS!”, Valkyrae accused Sykkuno.

The duo keep each other’s stream live while playing. This is no secret and has been proved on various occasions previously as well. On Wednesday, while he was live on Twitch, Rae, as tradition, was watching it too. That’s when she heard him call the lobby “random friends” when someone in Sykkuno’s live chat asked if he made the lobby. The stream snipe is obvious considering Rae’s reaction in sync with the original delay in the stream.

The following minute unpacked chaos, blabbering and Valkyrae’s entertaining comments of asking her friends to hold her earrings, back, and hands because she was going to fight him. Sykkuno offered an explanation saying he meant “people who are specifically fun to play with” but that would offend their other friends who were not currently in the lobby. The justification seemed pretty whole to the teammates, but Rae suggested they were seeking “affirmation”. 

These little fun Sykkuno- Valkyrae moments make them one of the favorite Twitch duo. Whenever they appear in each other’s streams, even if it is for a few minutes, they make our entire day.

Tell us about your favorite moments of the pair!

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