Valorant 2.06 Patch- Agent Buffs, Weapon Nerfs And More

Published 03/31/2021, 2:17 PM EDT

Riot has just dropped some updates for its FPS shooter Valorant through the 2.06 patch notes. The update focuses on some changes that Riot had promised the community after multiple requests.


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5v5 FPS Valorant enjoys a massive fanbase. Recently, we have seen some prominent streamers jump ship from titles like CS: GO to pursue a career in Riot Games’ shooter.

Agent upgrades in Valorant


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Agents are receiving a set of updates that will upgrade their abilities. These agents were expected to be buffed for some time now, and it is good to see Riot finally making the move.


The changes will make Viper more formidable on the ground and will help the agent alter and influence major scenarios.

“We want Viper to make big, committed decisions that truly alter the map and how both sides plan around her influence. The updates to Toxin should also project more threat on enemies who consider pushing her smoke”, Riot wrote on its blog.

The controller has a significant upgrade to her ability, Toxin. Enemies that now pass through the Toxin cloud will be inflicted with at least 50 decay, which will gradually increase based on the duration they remain in contact.

Her other abilities such as Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen will now be up for an additional two seconds even if Viper dies. Poison cloud can also be immediately redeployed for a temporary charge when picked up.


Changes in Yoru’s arsenal include increased duration of his ability, Blindside and Gatecrash. The Gatecrash ability will also be replenished every 35 seconds instead of being replenished on kills. Points required for his ultimate have also been reduced to six. That’ll give a much better advantage to players who love using Yoru as their duelist.


The agent only gets a single update but should prove useful. Killjoy can now pick up deployed Nanoswarm grenades during the buy phase to get the chargeback.

Weapon updates

The patch will also nerf the Bucky shotgun. Players have often reported how strong of a weapon the shotgun is and Riot is finally taking action. The shotgun has been tuned to only shoot 5 pellets instead of 15 with the right-click.

HRTF audio

Another major highlight from the patch is the debut of HRTF audio seen in other popular titles like CS: GO. This feature will help players detect enemies more precisely with accurate sound levels.

Other bug fixes for Valorant

Riot has also worked on numerous bugs to help improve player experience. You can find all the bug-related fixes down below.


Fixed Raze’s Boombot blowing up when it hit the Spike if she was on the defender side
Fixed unintentional delay when deactivating Viper’s Poison Orb or Toxic Screen
Fixed Yoru’s 1P audio on Gatecrash sometimes playing twice when casting the teleport
Fixed issue with Astra’s Star targeting being unreliable on stairs and slopes
Fixed issue where Cypher’s Spycam broke Sage’s Barrier Orb when placed close to it. We see your tricks.
Fixed issue where Omen’s targeting world could have Astra’s materials if he had spectated her
Fixed Reyna and Yoru taking decay damage while intangible


Fixed an issue where spectating Astra could cause Omen’s Dark Cover Phased World map to display as pink.



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Fixed a bug that was causing Act Rank badges to show your top wins out of order
Fixed a bug that was showing the “Hide Act Rank” button when viewing a friend’s career
Fixed a bug where Party leaders couldn’t kick Observers from a Custom Game lobby
Fixed a bug that caused the last round’s Combat Score to not properly display sometimes


Fixed a bug where AFK warnings were not being displayed at the end-of-game screen.
Fixed a bug where comms-banned players were not receiving the explanatory message indicating that they will not be able to queue for ranked while the comms ban is in effect
A timer has been added to indicate how long until queue restricted players can queue in ranked games again after receiving a penalty
Fixed a bug where team voice chat indicators sometimes did not appear at the end of the round
Fixed a bug where matches that ended through vanguard’s cheater detection would wrongfully penalize innocent players for being AFK


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With all that and more, Valorant seems to be getting a lot better. What specific change did you like the most? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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