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Valorant: Leaks Suggest Fan Favorite Mode and New Ranked System

Valorant: Leaks Suggest Fan Favorite Mode and New Ranked System

Every multiplayer game goes through numerous updates these days, making the gameplay more exciting and engrossing over time. Similarly, Valorant is supposed to have some brand-new stuff waiting to be introduced and the leaks are overwhelming.

The brand new multiplayer by Riot Games, Valorant, was released in early June. It has already amassed huge popularity among players and streamers. The game currently stands at 6th in terms of viewership rankings on Twitch. With increased popularity comes renewed expectations of the players in the game.

New Deathmatch Game mode and a brand-new Agent?

Reports suggest Act 1: Ignition is coming to an end in August, bringing in a much-awaited Act 2.

Now Act 1 saw the introduction of agent Reyna, whom everyone loved at once. But does that mean Act 2 will have a fresh agent of its own? Well, seems like that is the case and Killjoy is supposed to make an entry soon. Take a look at this tweet from Valorant Express from July 22.

If you thought that was it then this screenshot of a cardboard figure cut-out in the display should get your heart pumping, as many believe this to be Killjoy.

As for what his abilities or origin will be, there has been a lot of speculation but none of the leads are solid.

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Apart from that, a new deathmatch game mode can be expected soon. And wouldn’t that be just awesome? Many players out there, who want to work on their gunplay and shooting, are tired of having to wait for a round to end to spawn again. Who can deny the adrenaline rush that TDMs bring?

This video, by GameLeap Valorant Pro Guides on YouTube, talks about the deathmatch leaks. Now when it will debut cannot be confirmed but rest assured, it will be welcome.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0IOt19FWsE]

More ranks in each tier inside Valorant?

The video also talks about a new ranked mode in Valorant. The current ranking system is limited to 3 ranks per tier. The leak suggests it will go up to 5. Well, more ranks mean more of a reason to play. Pros have never been disappointed with more tiers to grind. Riot is surely doing itself a favor.

That’s all the leaks for now but many more exciting updates about the game’s future might be dropping soon.

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