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Valve to End the Nerve-Wracking Wait as Dr DisRespect Confirms CS2 Releases in Hours

Published 09/27/2023, 4:33 AM EDT

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The decade-long wait for Counter-Strike 2 is over! Valve’s highly-anticipated project has remained under the sheets for a long while now. But Dr DisRespect with an ecstatic announcement has put an end to the mystery around Counter Strike 2. Following a series of cryptic teases by the developers and leakers, fans are on cloud nine as the release date for CS2 is confirmed by the Doc. And it’s sooner than you might have expected. 

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The Counter-Strike franchise has been one of the most celebrated games in the industry. Over the years, it has established an enormous fan base that dominates the gaming trends to date. Thus, calling the hype around CS2 gigantic might just be an understatement. Moreover, if it’s just been revealed that the ultimate classic is expected to be launched in a matter of hours, you cannot expect the eSports community to keep calm. Thanks to Dr. DisRespect, FPS lovers have their plans sorted for the week. 

“CS2 launches tomorrow”: Dr DisRespect makes a credible claim 


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The popular YouTube and former Twitch streamer Dr DisRespect is known for his links inside the gaming industry. The fan-favorite streamer always serves his audience, he never disappoints giving major insights from the industry. Well, this time the creator has taken the internet by storm with a massive claim. The information being from a credible source like Dr DisRespect makes it an almost confirmed insight. 

According to the YouTuber, Valve has planned the launch in a matter of hours. The leak suggests the countdown to the CS2 launch has already begun. Taking to his X account, the latter wrote, “Since I designed half the maps for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, I made a few industry calls and got the info we needed…CS2 launches tomorrow.” 


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For context, Dr DisRespect is a gaming developer himself having his own studio called ‘Midnight Society’. Also, the streamer worked with the team of Sledgehammer Games in 2011. Later, the man became an advanced designer creating maps for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. 

Working for another giant FPS franchise, Dr DisRespect probably has the most credible sources inside. Hence, there’s no more authentication the fans needed as they started celebrating the countdown to the CS2 launch. 


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Valve officially teased the game a few days back

Tracing the rumored updates on the progress of CS2 in 2023, there were claims that suggested the game is in the Beta Testing phase. It is important to note that this came after the makers had confirmed a released window for the game in 2023. While the developers failed to meet the alleged deadline, the beta testing phase sparked a massive trend of speculations around the game. 

It was just about a week back when Valve officially teased a big upcoming announcement. Through Counter Strike’s official X handle, they tweeted, “What are you doing next Wednesday?” The claim by Dr DisRespect completely aligns with the tease, making the release almost certain. 


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The wait was too long but was it worth it? Well, we might just have to wait for a few hours to know it. 

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